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News updates from the Chairman will be published here

Please email John with any important news

8th June 2018

Hi all

Just a quick note to round up the week. All quiet and no real news to speak of in the area.
Crime remains a huge problem so please continue to be aware and do the basic crime prevention.

Have you noticed that CKN is being cleaned? Our clean-up crew are busy along Constantia Drive after having cleaned along Kroton Street. It is making the world of difference to our neighborhood.

Our audit is bearing fruit and thank you to the many that have brought their CKN contribution up to date. It also means I know which homes get new boards. I am busy doing the boards as time allows.

Finally please diarise 16 June for our CKN get together. Gaynor is working very hard and needs your support. Please contact her on 082 578 7001.
Let’s make it a great day for all.

Stay safe

28th May 2018

Hi all

Two things after the weekend. Reminder of the AGM on Tuesday night at 19h00 in Calendula. Please come along.

Then secondly, after the attempted motor vehicle theft in Boomgoom in the early hours of Sunday morning, it was questioned why someone was asking Dowry to watch their house whilst their armed response was with Fidelity – the old ADT.

I wish to comment on the CKN / Dowry relationship and how it works. What CKN has is as I know it amongst the many associations I have been involved in over the many years, a unique one. We as residents pay for the two vehicles and bicycle you see actively moving around the area. Many associations will appoint a service provider and then it is up to the security company to sign up members and when a set number is reached, the association gets a dedicated car. As mentioned, our model is very different in that we as CKN pay for the cars which gives us a greater say in how they operate and also we can hold the company accountable for service delivery.

Also, over the many years of my involvement in crime fighting, I have become a firm believer in pro-active patrolling. Many residents in CKN have bought into this idea and have also seen the benefit of the cars in not only providing escorts, being dispatched to suspicious cars and persons but also reduced response times.

We as a CKN committee have never said who you can or cannot have your alarm linked to.

However if one wants their armed response from Dowry or who-ever CKN appoints as their preferred service provider it would only be fair that they are a CKN member.

We do have residents that are CKN members but have their armed response with another company. This is their personal choice but they do contribute to the running of the CKN response cars.

I often get asked who one should use for armed response? I always say speak to your association and also look what boards are up in an area and who people are linked to.

What is the use if using a company that has one or two boards up? It does not pay them to have a car close by or dedicate a car to an area. Also have a look now again as to what security company you see moving around in the area.

So all paying members have access to the cars, are on the emergency groups or receive our emails.

Cost also becomes a factor for many folk and CKN has never had a take it or leave it attitude when it comes to membership. We have been able to give many the opportunity to have a car to call in need when they cannot afford armed response and we have given them a special CKN membership rate. I still believe in safety first but remember CKN cannot run without financial support.

It is a pity that at times people see fit to abuse the relationship and try and sign with the cars and not CKN. We are presently addressing this and some residents will lose their Dowry response as they have not signed with CKN as they promised.

CKN members also get a discounted armed response rate from Dowry

Dowry have been with CKN for just over three years and we did not just happen on them as our service provider.

I trust the above will clarify things and also serve as a refresher.

Stay safe


24th May 2018

Hi all

Just a quick note.

Tuesday’s incident was opportunistic as footage shows the suspects going from house to house before they broke in. They probably stumbled across the victim and so the burglary became an armed robbery. The suspects were in a white VW Jetta.

Please treat every car standing in the road as suspicious along with any car parked facing the road in a driveway.
Report anything suspicious. These incidents take mere minutes and alarms, dogs, gates, walls and electric fences are no deterrents.

I am busy with the police on the footage.

The domestic watch Whatsapp group has mushroomed after we advised of same. Please see the link on the CKN emergency groups. We need to keep our domestics and gardeners in the know. All WhatsApp groups are for CKN members only.

Think all for now


16th May 2018

Hi all

Things have been quiet in the area since the two overnight burglaries that occurred in a short space of time. Dowry implemented additional crime prevention measures and these will run for some time still.

Whilst we are quiet and the year to date has not been a bad one, especially when I see what goes on around us, we cannot afford to let up with our crime fighting initiatives.
Crime fighting is a long slow marathon. When crime comes down or goes away one does not stop the fight. I see associations start, crime comes down and the things fold. And then you start all over again.

Of course, when crime does occur in a quiet area people become concerned and think the world is falling apart.

This has happened a number of times in CKN when we have one or more incidents in a short space of time.

In my 19 years in being involved in CKN things have never got out of control as we are pro-active in our crime prevention. We have a good partner that is always there for us and goes the extra mile when we have issues,

I chat to all the Dowry role players daily and we have a good understanding of what is required in keeping all in CKN safe.

No one can guarantee our safety and it remains up to us to make the difference.

The reason for this mail and the above is that I received a mail from someone who has rented out their house as they have moved. The tenants have given notice as they feel the crime is too much to bear and also the house that has been turned into accommodation is a concern. The tenants stay in the upper part of Bamboes. I have been asked to address these concerns.

This I have partly done in my opening paragraph. CKN is active and we will do all we can to make the area safe. I see what goes on around us being on numerous emergency and neighbourhood groups.

CKN, we are quiet, we do not have daily incidents.
It is also sad when residents have no consideration for those around and proceed to break the law. The house in question is receiving the attention it deserves. Council, by-law enforcement and the police are buys with the issue. We need to let the law take its course and we have sufficient laws on our side to ensure the correct outcome.

Making CKN safe and a pleasant place to live will take some effort from everyone.

Finally, thanks to the many that spoil of dedicated officers and guard with meals and either hot or cold drinks. It goes a long way to making the day or night a bit more bearable. The shifts are long and I know riding around for hours can be mind numbing.

Stay safe


There were burglaries overnight in Oribi Street which is very close to us. Same on Sunday night. I patrolled a large part of Friday and the intersection around Jim Fouche and Constantia Drive is very busy with foot traffic, even late at night. I am liaising with the two areas north and south of Wilhelmina to see how we can work together and sort out issues in the area.

A resident called for help on the WhatsApp group last night. When you need assistance – two things. Make a phone call if urgent, WhatsApp messages can be delayed. And more importantly advise why you need help. They need to know what they might be facing when they get to the house and also they might pass a car that was involved in a crime and not know it.

Finally, I was asked this morning as to what we should share when it comes to crime? Crime is negative and all the mails and WhatsApp messages can be construed as negative and chase people out of the area or they leave the groups or do not get emails. Please let me know what you would like around CKN communications.

11th May 2018

Hi all

Just a quick mail to end the week.

The last two nights have been quiet with nothing to report.

There are many of you that have asked for a new CKN membership board. All are being redone in conjunction with the audit we have done of CKN. If you need a board urgently, let me know and we’ll do yours even before we get to your street.

Thank you to the many that have brought their subs up to date.

Finally, I have been inundated with residents that either want to help clean the area or assist with a CKN birthday / fun day / fund raising event.

Thank you to all of you. I do not have time to do everything so many folk are getting on and making arrangements. Please also get involved and watch for announcements.

Please do the basic crime prevention at home and report anything suspicious.

To all our mothers. Have a great day on Sunday and I hope you get spoilt rotten.

Stay safe


9th May 2018

Hi all

What has been a very quiet period has now seen two incidents in the last week.

There have been two overnight burglaries at the top end of Bamboes, both at around 02h30. One access was gained by reaching for the key and the second, this morning, a door broken.

TV’s were taken in both instances. So to my mind, the same suspects are back.

We will chase up council with regards the illegal business and I am also busy with Florida police.

I mentioned 19 May as a clean-up. This is now imperative around the Constantia Drive / Jim Fouche intersection. Those living in that area please join us on 19 May so we can clean up the area and make it difficult for any criminal element to operate here. It does appear suspects jumped the walls from Jim Fouche.

To those in Worsboom , Boomgom and Kroton, let us use the same time to clean up along Kroton Street fence.

CKN has a brush cutter. Does someone have a gardener who can spend a day cutting these areas? If you could collect the cutter and do some supervision it will be appreciated.

CKN will pay his salary for the day.

Finally, as I have also written CKN is 21 years young this month and we also need to do some fund raising. We have not done this in ages and also we have not put up our subs for some years now.

Having the guard on the bike is slowly eating away our savings and we also need to clean areas in CKN.

We are having great success in chasing up outstanding subs and we also have a number of new members.

Lorin has offered to run with a birthday raffle and more details are coming. We have some great prizes but we need some more. Can you assist?

But please take tickets when we announce the raffle and lets make a difference in the area.

To the many that always ask what can I do, please see above. I will also announce a date and time soon for some our own patrols that we have not done in ages.

We will put a stop to problems in the area. Two incidents in a week is not on.

Stay safe


6 May 2018

Dear CKN member and resident

CKN turns 21 this month. It’s hard to believe that the association has been around so long and that bears testament to the support from all those in the area. With crime at present levels throughout the country and what seems no end in sight to any improvement in crime levels, it would be hard to imagine the area without a CKN. No one can guarantee a crime free area but with the support of those living here we can make a difference

Our AGM will be held on the 29th of May. Please make every effort to attend. So, my question to you going forward is do you want a CKN which means a safer and cleaner neighbourhood?

Crime remains real and does appear to be getting more violent in that guns are being used more and more and also the elderly seem to becoming more of a target.

After posting on the emergency CKN groups today about burglaries in the sector, I was asked what more can we as a community to do to make the area safer? I will address this in a separate mail but rest assured we will do all we can to make the area safer for all that live here, including those that are not CKN members.

In the same breath, if you are not a CKN member how about joining us? To remain sustainable, we need to keep growing and we need you!

CKN pays for the two Dowry car and bicycle you see in the area. These resources do come at a cost. Please help us keep them on the road. I am a firm believer in visible policing and also these cars are heavily relied on when I see what they called to do.

I am busy with a CKN 21-year birthday newsletter. Do you have something to add, even if just a few lines? Many of you must have some or other story to tell about the area you live in?

19 May is the monthly clean up in the city. Let us also get involved this month. More details shortly but let’s get our hands dirty for an hour in CKN. We’ll make it for 14h.

Finally, we need to so some fund raising in CKN. We have some sponsors of some wonderful prizes and we could do with some more. So, do you have something you can offer CKN as a business and then also, can some take on this as part of our 21st birthday?

Please let us not lose sight of the fact that CKN is here to fight crime. Crime remains a real problem and what I see daily is really quite scary. This will remain our key focus. At the time of writing I was made aware of an incident in Bamboes again, this next to the house we are busy with that has been turned into accommodation. I will report back on this once I have seen the residents.

Please keep in touch and stay safe.


PS I started with the new boards yesterday, so yes, yours is coming.

4th May 2018

Hi all

Time has got away from me today so a longer email next week. 

Just two things quickly.

Notice hereby given of the CKN AGM to be held at the Tea Room at Kleine Constantia, Calendula Street on 29 May at 19h00.

Please make a note and please make every effort to attend.


Then CKN is 21 years young this month!

Stay safe


28th April 2018

Hi all

I attended the sector meeting last night with police. 
Crime in the sector is up,
HOUSE ROBBERIES are a huge concern especially along the main routes in the area like Albert Street.  
There have been a number below Hillfox and that is too close to us.
Burglaries are down but theft of cars and theft out of cars is up. This occurs largely at shopping centres.
Hijackings are up.
Home invasions occur largely Tuesday to Thursday between 09h00 and 13h00.
But a new trend is developing where home invasions are moving to the weekend. 

We have been quiet for some time now. It is nice not to be mentioned in a meeting as being a hot spot. Is that not what we want? All the more reason to keep our cars and bicycle in CKN! 

Stay safe.

25th April 2018

Hi all

As I write to you there has been an armed robbery in Weltevredenpark where people were tied up. Not good!

As it goes we are quiet, and so little to report on.

Welcome to a lot of new folk in the area. Only by growing our numbers can we remain sustainable and quiet.

Thank you to Joslyn and Gaynor that have assisted with the problem house in Bamboes Street. Joslyn for liaising with council and Gaynor for the petition. Things are moving and feed-back soon.

We will then tackle other homes standing empty in CKN.

Away for the long weekend, please let me know.

Also month end, please don’t forget your CKN contribution.

Finally, I am busy with a newsletter to celebrate CKN’s 21st birthday next month. If you are running a business please consider “buying” an advert so we can make it a good newsletter we can print in color.

Think all for now
Stay safe

13th April 2018

Hi all

Seems it’s been awhile since a went you a mail, but touch wood, there has been little to report on in CKN.

Whilst we are quiet, some areas remain a big problem. Hijackings, home invasions and burglaries remain hugely problematic. At all times do the basic crime prevention, test your alarm and make sure its set at all times.

Have you signed the petition around the problematic house in Bamboes Street? Link is on our website.

I have the new CKN boards and we will start slowly replacing all the boards. Also, do you need CKN stickers to identify your car as belonging in CKN? I will drop off whilst doing the boards.

Finally, the committee sat last night and audited our database with regard to identifying who must get a board and also where subs are behind.

If you are two months or more in areas you will be receiving a reminder.

We did note we get ad-hoc payments and some are paying far less than what we ask. If you are financially squeezed, please let us know. We will understand but we need to be in a position to budget.

If everyone paid on time we would not have a problem but keeping the bicycle guard is starting to eat into our savings.

CKN cannot function without your financial support.

If we want the area to be quiet we need to keep our cars and bike in the area moving around and many folk rely heavily on these dedicated officers.

We will be chasing new members. If your neighbor is not a member, please approach them. You are our best salesperson.

Garden service required to do some work in CKN, please contact the chairman if you have any suggestions.

We will also organize some fundraising in the weeks ahead.

We have not raised the CKN subs this year but we need your regular and ongoing support.

Think that’s all for now.

Stay safe.


PS all the potholes in the area have been reported. We now await JRA.

23rd March 2017

Hi all

Hope you are staying dry. No news to speak of so little to tell
Please remain aware at all times, especially when returning home, hijackings remain very problematic.

The clean-up of CKN continues. Thank you to those that have taken an area in CKN and tackled it. Every bit makes a difference.

New CKN membership boards are in print and we should be able to start putting these up next week.

Think all for now
Stay safe


16th March 2017

Hi all

Just a round up for the week. We have had a quiet week – touch wood – and we hope the extra visibility has worked. Unfortunately this initiative will end later today due to financial constraints.

More on this below.

Crime around us continues unabated and we must be vigilant at all times.
Thank you to those that attended the meeting for Bamboes and Bergpruim Streets. A pity more did not attend. I will finalize the petition over the weekend to tackle the illegal business in the street.

It is a pity that some see fit to break the law and be very inconsiderate of their neighbors. Fortunately we have some good by-laws and we will use these to ensure the safety and peace of those in the area.

If a house is standing empty next to you for seems an extended period, please let me know.
In the same breath we are busy cleaning up CKN slowly. Grass cutting will start and I hope you have noticed a start has been made to beautify our entrance at Kroton Street.

Please keep your pavement clean and we will do our best to look after our open areas and main access roads.

Thank you to Tammy, Steve and Neville that helped me tackle the park last Saturday. Thank you also to those that sponsored bags, gloves, rakes and brooms.

After my last mail the feed-back I got was time is an issue and residents would be happy to contribute financially to a garden service to assist in the area. Whilst council should do their job, there are times I feel it is up to us to us to look after our neighborhood.

Please report pot holes, street lights that are out and any other issue you come across. All it takes is an email.

I also mentioned an additional car for the area. The committee have decided to hold this over till the AGM for a final decision.

We are arranging an area get together in May for our 21st birthday as we did not get to one last year. Details will be with you shortly.

Finally, and always something I do not like raising is the one of finances.
CKN’s financial year end was February and for the last financial year we ended with a deficit of R 68 000. As such we only paid out for the cars and the bike. We did say we would keep the bike going as long as we could but this has now started to eat into our savings.

Whilst Dowry are not raising their fee for CKN, CKN will have to make a plan. I do feel that R300 is not asking too much per month when I compare ourselves to many other area.

I do not want to raise subs and hence a marketing campaign over the next month or two to look for new members. We only need 20 to help us break even.

We also need all our members where necessary to please contribute monthly and if possible increase to R300 if possible. We will accommodate you if the asking amount is prohibitive.

CKN is dependent on your support and we cannot do without your financial support.
We will look at some fund raising as a one off as well. I am open to any ideas in finances as I know times are tight.

I think all for now.
Stay safe

24th February 2018

Hi all

Over the past week or so there have been various violent crimes, many resulting in people getting shot and in some cases the victims being killed.

I will bring you news as is relevant. I will not bombard you with incidents unless relevant and of course anything that happens in CKN will be reported on.

We are quiet and the year to date has not been a bad one. Remain aware and report anything suspicious.

I attended the sector meeting last night. Theft of cars, theft out of cars, burglaries and home invasions remain the sector’s biggest problems.

December was a quiet month, January saw an increase in crime and this has persisted in February.
Friday and Saturday are presently the days for the highest reported crime with times being between 16h00 and 20h00.
Hijacking along Hendrik Potgieter are a concern. Whilst 14th Avenue on and off ramps are not in Honeydew (they fall in Florida), the intersection is a real hot spot for smash and grabs and hijackings.
Be aware when at the traffic lights, especially in the early evening.

Crime is real.

So something I want to leave with you for you to think about.

Firstly, Dowry will not be raising their fees for CKN this year. This means I see no need to raise our CKN subs. These will therefore remain at R300 per month. (to the committee, I know we have as yet not met this year and I have not had time to discuss this but I want to get “it out there”).

Thank you to the many that so diligently support us every month.

Secondly, after a recent lengthy meeting with Dowry, they have proposed putting a third car in the area if CKN can come up with an additional R10 000 towards the company. They will foot the bill for the balance. This does not mean CKN has to foot the whole bill.
If we can get more members and we can get more alarms linked to them we will be on our way.

So we will chase new members, we only need some 15 and if we can persuade you to move your alarm to Dowry from another security company, again only 15 homes, we can have three roving cars.

Is this something we should pursue?

Finally, last Saturdays proposed clean up did not take place as only one resident joined me along with AJ from Dowry, salesman for CKN.

Do we set another date later in March for us as residents to get together or do we raise money and get a garden service to help?

Please let me know what you think.

Two important issues that affect us all. A safe neighborhood and a well-kept neighborhood.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Stay safe

26th January 2018

Hi all
After the burglary in Bamboes Street on Wednesday night I thought I’d email with some thoughts and insight into issues for the last two years, bearing in mind we live in one of the top five precincts in South Africa when it come to the most reported crimes.

Herewith the streets with reported crimes, I am only listing burglaries and armed robberies. Most of our armed robberies are people being followed home.

  2016 2017
Constantia Drive  2 4
Bamboes Street  7 2
Bloubos 1 1
Kroton 3 1
Worsboom  3 1
Boomgom 1 1
Papaja 0 1
Acanthus 2 1
Lukwart 0 2
Bergpruim 0 2
Firethorn 1 0
Draaibos 3 1
Lichus 1 0
Okkerneut 3 0
Stamperboom 1 0

We have no trends as such and incidents are scattered all over the association.

At night ensure your alarm is on and you test it regularly. Make sure all zones are working, batteries are fresh in panic buttons and if you are connected to an armed response company, the signal is being received.
If you need help, can your armed response company access your property?

With regards the Bamboes burglary, we are following up on a lead.

Also we have footage of the suspects from the burglary in Bamboes at the beginning of Janaury. This is with the police and is being followed up.
The modus operandi in both are very different, houses are far apart and I do not think in any way connected.

The regular clean up of Johannesburg is the third Saturday of the month. Please diarise 17 Feburuary and lets come out in force to clean up our neighborhood.

Think all for now. More next week at month end.
Stay safe

13th December 2017

Hi all

As things stand this will be the last email for the year. Committee members are all going away at random times and news at present is also scarce.

There will be no change to patrols from our dedicated service provider for the festive period.

Going away? Please let me know so that someone can watch your house. If going away please ensure post is cleared, lights are on at night, animals are cared for and someone is taking care of the house.

Please also ensure your contact details are up to date with us.

Of late, Dowry has been finding a lot of gates open and we then struggle to contact the owner.

Christmas lunch for the Dowry guys has been sorted but how about Christmas dinner and New year’s day? Anyone?

New CKN membership boards are in the process of being done and will be with you soon.

Also, the fence is presently in the process of being fixed.

Finally, thank you to the many that have assisted with the extra monies we requested to go towards something extra for the guys and to keep the bicycle on the road. A bonus will mean a lot to our dedicated officers.

From here on, any communications from me will be via the CKN Emergency WhatsApp groups.

If you are away over the festive season, travel safe and come back to us.

Staying at home? Please do the basic crime prevention.

Thank you for the support during 2017.

I wish you a peaceful and safe Christmas and all you wish for in 2018.

Stay safe


CKN Update 4 December 2017

Hi all in CKN

A quick catch up as I have not got a mail out to you recently.

November saw two armed robberies in CKN. The first being in Draaibos where the residents coming home were confronted by a number of armed suspects who took phones, jewellery and car. We were able to identify the suspect’s car and the details are with the police. This was on 17 November.

On 26 November a home along Constantia Drive experienced a home invasion. This was on a Sunday afternoon. The mother was at home with her four small children when at least three suspects broke in. They went broke through three security gates and a door. Cell phone and TV taken cell phone was tracked to Constantia Kloof and recovered along a road. We think the suspects thought no-one was at home.

Over the years I have attended many crime scenes and in many instances the victims are too traumatised to remember details of cars and phones taken etc. Please see our web site for a form you can print and fill in with details of various items. Please do this and then stick it on your fridge and a second copy in the inside of a cupboard. Emergency Contacts

Please also see our website for two pictures of how to identify a suspect and a car. I’ll also send these to you via Whatsapp.

Feedback from the sector meeting on Thursday night – crime largely down for the month but a spike in house robberies seen. For the year most crimes were up.

It is hard to believe it is already December. If you are going away, please have your alarm tested and let me know so we can keep an eye on our home. Also, will children be alone over the holidays?

As we have done for the past many years, is there anyone who will sponsor lunches (and dinner) for the guys on Christmas Day and New year. They will be working their normal shifts as per usual to keep CKN safe.

The fence that was broken along Kroton Street is receiving attention. Of note, please don’t speed in CKN.

I went running over the weekend. Our neighbourhood really needs some TLC. We did not partake in November’s Jhbg clean up and I am sure there will not be one in December. I will set a date for a weekend coming for a clean- up and I really hope you will join us. We can’t do it when only 10 or 11 arrive.

Finally, it’s a new month, please can you ensure your CKN contribution is up to date. Thank you as always to the many who never let us down and we can keep our dedicated cars on the road. Another camera also went live yesterday. We need to start moving into the streets within CKN now. Details will follow soon.

Stay safe

28th November 2017

The committee meeting tonight has been postponed. 

It will be rescheduled soon.

3rd November 2017

Hi all

Just a quick note to end the week on. All quiet since the incidents of two weeks ago.
We are working on extra crime prevention ahead of the festive season, some of these will remain confidential. I can share that at ad -hoc times there has been a third Dowry car in the area alongside the two CKN cars and bicycle.

Thank you to those that came out last Saturday to help start cleaning along Constantia Drive. I hope those that use this road have noticed the difference at the west end of Constantia Drive. Gutters and drains have been cleaned. Admittedly hard work on the day. Our youngest helper was some 8 years old and the oldest, Margret please forgive me, in her 70’s. Thank you also to the team from JRA that helped on the day.

New month, please don’t forget your CKN contribution and in the same breath, welcome to a host of new members. We have seen quite a surge in the last two weeks.

The last CKN meeting will be soon. It will be an open meeting so please join us. It is a chance to share and meet you. The clean ups have also been a great time to meet folk in the area. Always good to see new faces.

Think that’s all for now.

Stay safe

25 October 2017

Dear CKN resident


We don’t usually print newsletters anymore for distribution in CKN but I thought we would both send this one out electronically and drop a copy in your post box. At the time of writing two important matters have arisen. The national crime statistics for the last financial year were released and CKN experienced three crime incidents in four days. Herewith my take on these two matters.

These are matters you need to know about.

Admittedly I am not surprised at the figures released by the police. I have been involved with Honeydew SAPS and other precincts for some 18 years and have not seen any progress in the fight against crime. Furthermore, I am on various crime fighting/emergency groups both locally and nationally. Things are not improving. Of course, we need to look at our own local policing area and it is not a pretty picture. In fact, it is downright horrible.

Honeydew is overall the 4th worst station in the crime statistics. That is the station where the 4th most crime was reported. Honeydew is number one in the country for house robberies, number two for burglaries, fourth for theft of motor vehicles and worst of all, number one for what is called the trio crimes – hijacking, house robberies and business robberies. That is out of some 1200 stations in the country. If this was not a sobering thought, then I am not sure what is?

A breakdown of the stats can be found at

In short some of the figures for the period April 2016 to March 2017. This is for Honeydew.
Murder – 67
Robbery with aggravating circumstances – 1 183
Rape – 130
Carjacking – 149
Robbery at homes – home invasions – 337
Burglaries at homes – 1 340
Theft of motor vehicles or motorcycles – 1 269

So where does that leave you and me?

After some 20 years we have a strong CKN. We have not sat back and done nothing. Many folk in the area have joined the cause and supported those that had a vision of a safer (and cleaner) CKN. CKN has never guaranteed we would be crime free but we have taken on the crime fighting battle and have decided we can make a difference. I think that difference can be seen in the crime statistics for the area. Crime fighting is not a sprint but a long marathon.

It saddens me to think there are those that will not get involved in an area. I  think they live not knowing their neighbours or what is happening in the area. Furthermore, when they are affected by crime they say “I never thought it would happen to me” and then, “where do I get involved?”

Involvement in CKN does not mean we want hours of your time and large amounts of money. We ask for your time at ad hoc times and our financial ask is a small one.

Your committee believes in your safety and asks for your support. Furthermore, the CKN crime fighting model is unlike the ones of many associations out there. We are not a take it or leave it resident association. Many areas insist on a set fee or “punt” a security company but then leave it to the security company to sign up members and once a certain amount are reached, a dedicated car is introduced.

We say join us, yes, we have an amount we ask, but if this is not affordable we will make a plan. I have always said safety first. But we can’t make membership free. Why? We have all seen the two Dowry armed response cars in the area along with a guard on a bicycle. These crimes fighting initiatives are driven by CKN and come at a price. Dowry invoices CKN monthly and we pay for these dedicated officers. Our aim is to cover these costs and hence we can make allowances for those that are financially constrained or are pensioners. You have the benefit of access to these cars. This is a numbers game. More members, more cars or a reduced CKN contribution.

The last few days saw three crimes in CKN. One burglary and two armed robberies. The armed robberies are something we have been able to escape till now and our burglaries are way down on last year.

The armed robbery on Saturday does appear to have been opportunistic. Suspects jumped the fence and entered the house through the open garage. The owner was held at gunpoint and a laptop and cell phones were taken. We have the car on camera and the details are with the police. When the police arrived their first comment to me was that armed robberies do not occur in this part of the precinct.

Monday saw a burglary and it seems the suspects jumped over the wall from Jim Fouche. TV taken.
No car or suspects seen. We are busy with the camera footage as we know what time the alarm was activated.

Then on Tuesday a gate was lifted and the front door forced. An elderly couple was confronted by some young males and threatened with a crowbar. TV taken. No car seen.

I will point out two things. None of these residents were members and so were not getting our regular emails or our WhatsApp messages and both were linked to two large security companies. I always get asked when we have a crime if the people were members.

To add to these incidents, I was told two stories about the lack of service and response from the security companies. Make your security provider accountable and think three times about who you use. CKN has never said who to link your alarm to. We have a preferred service provider who I talk to daily, check on and also chase up with queries and issues raised by residents. They know I do not compromise on safety. There is no second chance when one’s life is at stake!

So, after a very quiet year, 8 incidents for the year till 20 October, we experienced three crimes in a short space of time. We can only but speculate as to why these homes were targeted. My message to you is CKN is not falling apart. I know this is little comfort to any victim of crime but we will do all we can to make CKN safe for all who live here with the limited time and resources we have.

Many folk get very concerned when we do have an incident, let alone three, as we are used to very long quiet periods. Again, we have had a good year in comparison to some past years, especially when we compare ourselves to the crime in and around Honeydew.

As a non-member, please join us. Don’t wait till after the event. We need you too. CKN has become one big family, I see this when I report an incident and everyone wants to come and help. People are there in so many other ways as well. Only together can we make a difference.

Crime is not going to go away. The crime stats over the past years show that. Having a CKN is your choice.

That is my take on things so thank you for bearing with my thoughts.
Thank you to the many that support the committee and have kept CKN sustainable over many years.
Stay safe

23rd October 2017

HiI all

Just a quick update on Saturdays incident. I always like to do an analysis of things.
It appears the armed robbery was opportunistic. Garage was open and one could see into the house. Suspects jumped over the wall and entered the house.
No forced entry the house.
Kicked in bedroom door where owner was, lives on his own, were armed. Took a lap top and cell phones. Fled in a silver Jetta. We are looking at footage for the car.
Not a CKN member and not linked to a security company.
Police and detectives were on scene within 30 minutes.

Then today a burglary in Bamboes. TV and Xbox taken. House backs onto Jim Fouche and my thoughts are that is where they entered the property.
I will go past the house later today.
Not a member and linked to another large security company
Occurred around 10h20.

I just wish we could correspond more frequently with the non-members in CKN!

Finally, don’t forget the trick or treat on Saturday. Please contact Lorin for any info you need.

Stay safe
The silly season is upon us when it comes to crime.

20th October 2017

Hi all

I have really no news to speak of or have I missed something? My Whatsapp has not been working so things appear to have been quiet. If you have tried to contact me , please mail me or sms me if urgent.

I should have the matter sorted in the next day or so.

CKN is quiet and Dowry have tried to increase patrols in the area with the cars and bike.

We are moving towards year end and so extra effort and vigilance from all is required.

I have had no interest in anyone joining me tomorrow to check on our fire hydrants so I will cancel the initiative. I will try this again soon. It is important and with the current state of our fire services, pray we do not need a fire engine in the area or the need to find a hydrant!

CKN have been asked to assist with a clean-up of Constantia Drive on 28 October. I mentioned in my last mail we would tackle Kroton Street but we will change our plans and tackle Constantia.

I really hope we will get more than the 11 that helped with clean up last month. More details in next week.

Finally, after three years of the recent CKN membership boards, I have run out. If you need a board it will be coming as soon as we have more made.

A challenge to you. If you have an idea on a new design, please let me know bearing in mind the “island” is part of the CKN profile.

Stay safe


13th October 2017

Hi all

Just a quick round up for the week. CKN is quiet and we need to maintain our vigilance at all times, do the basic crime prevention and maintain our pro-active patrols by Dowry.
The last week has seen a lot of burglaries, home invasions and hijackings in various neighborhoods close to us.

Yesterday alone saw a murder of an elderly person in Krugersdorp.
The elderly, especially those that live alone is an issue we need to address in CKN. Knowing your neighbor is part of the plan.

We are gearing up for the end of the year and we will have various crime prevention plans in place.

To keep our cars and bicycle on the road we need your constant support. Please can you ensure your CKN contribution is up to date.

We are chasing up on overdue subs. Please don’t forget us come month end.
Also, please don’t forget the extra R300, one off, which will go towards bonuses for the guys and to keep our bicycle guard on the road till at least the end of the year.

Welcome to a number of new members. For weeks we see no new members and then we get a flood.

Trick or treat on 28 October. Please contact Lorin if you want to participate.

28 October is also the next date for the council clean up. We will tackle the area along the palisade fence on Kroton Street at 14h00 and also the corner of Kapok and Okkernuet.
If we get enough support, we only need you for an hour.

Finally. On Saturday past I attended a meeting at the fire station along with various role players in the emergency field.

More on this soon but part of the plan going forward is to identify fire hydrants in the area.
I have a list of these in CKN as identified by a resident that owns his own fire equipment company but we need to clean these out and mark them.

Will anyone join me on 21 October to walk our streets and do the necessary?

Think that is all for now.

Stay safe


6th October 2017

Hi all

All things being considered, we are going to postpone the CKN event scheduled for tomorrow.

The weather forecast is a bleak one and heavy rain is forecast for the weekend.
(Once again my record remains intact. For those that don’t know, if a plan something, it rains).

A new date will be advised shortly.

Stay safe

2nd October 2017

Hi all

Just a quick catch up, I was away last week and seems all went smoothly.

Only the one incident in September and so 8 for the year. We are still looking good compared to past years.

Crime remains a huge problem so please remain alert and report anything suspicious.

New month, please can you ensure your CKN contribution is up to date.

Thank you to those that assisted in helping to make CKN a cleaner place on Saturday.

11 of us collected I would think a ton of rubbish. There are still some areas that need work and so I hope we will have more help next time.

Saturday, market and CKN birthday celebration in the Kroton Street Park between 11h00 and 14h00.
Please join us. It gives the committee a chance to meet you and for you to meet folk in the area.

Stay safe


21st September 2017

Hi all

No news to speak of.

Please make a note for a CKN clean up on 30 September as we will be part of the greater Johannesburg clean up.

We have two areas that really need some TLC, so please join me at 14h00. Meet at the guard house at Kroton Street. Gloves and black bags.

I was our running over the weekend and the litter is really piling up. Let’s make a difference. Also anyone with a bakkie to collect the bags for us?

Help still needed for 7 October , please can we call on you to make the day successful. A list to follow of where to help be it collecting or helping on the day.

Stay safe

PS long weekend coming, if you get a power off signal from your alarm company, make sure it is acted on.

15th September 2017

Hi all

Just a weekly round-up.

After an exceptionally quiet period, there was a burglary yesterday on Constantia Drive. Gate forced, window broken and various items taken.
Neighbor saw the suspects, pressed their panic and Dowry unfortunately missed them.
That brings us to eight incidents for the year, all burglaries. Things still remain far better than 2016.

On a personal note, the house yesterday was connected to a security company not represented in any substantial way in the area.
There are only two homes connected to them.
Why do folk use a company when they have no representation in the vicinity?

What will response times be like when it is not cost effective for a company to have a car in the area. Please carefully consider the company you use.

Sharon in Kroton Street is updating our black board on the guard house.
There are one each end of Constantia Drive.
Can anyone please adopt our other two black boards and assist with messages when needed?

Thank you to the many that so readily agreed to and already paid the extra R300 I mentioned in my last mail. CKN members as always are there when needed.

Also thank you to many of you that have brought your subs up to date. It makes our lives easier and less stressful.

Out birthday bash come Spring market. Things are coming along but we need help.

  • Sponsors and help with cold drinks.
  • Sponsors and help with the braai (meat, rolls, wood, braai container/s)
  • We’ll ask as we go.

Finally, CKN membership boards seem to be going missing. I will be doing boards tomorrow.
If you need one please let me know soonest via Whatsapp if possible. (Alan B yours is noted)

I think that is all for now.

Stay safe


4th September 2017

These are the biggest trends SA hijackers don’t want you to know – and how to prevent them

Read here

1st September 2017

Hi all

A bit of a lengthy mail but please take the time to read through my ramblings.

As a start, August saw no incidents that I am aware of. For the year to date, we have seen 7 incidents compared to 35 for last year. From what I see and hear daily we must be very grateful for a very quiet CKN.

If I had to post what I am aware of when it comes to crime incidents, you would go mad.

Please always be aware, report anything suspicious and do the basic crime prevention. Crime prevention starts at home.

Some months ago, in addition to the two cars we have, put a guard on a bicycle in CKN. This had the effect we wanted. We advised we would keep him as long as possible. We have reached the point we cannot continue due to financial constraints.

In the same breath, I must add that in past years we would like to give the guys bonuses at the end of the year.

So if we are to keep Xolisi riding around till the end of the year and give the guys something extra, it would take an extra months subs from everyone. That is a one off R300 or R75 each month for the rest of the year. We have done no fund raising this year and if we can pull this off, that will not change.

Your thoughts please.

PS it is month end, please don’t forget your CKN contribution. Thank you to the many that have brought their subs up to date after our recent follow ups.

You will have all seen the cities notices about a cleaner Johannesburg. 30 September has been set aside for the first clean up and CKN will participate. Please diarize so we can do our bit in and around CKN.

Minutes of the recent CKN meeting are on our website. 
We post all minutes of our meetings.

Again a reminder of the CKN 20th birthday/Spring market. Please get involved. Today I arranged a CPR demonstration and a anti-hijack demonstration. There will be more to follow.
Date 7 October

Our neighboring association , west of Jim Fouche are holding their spring market tomorrow. Bokspoor Avenue between 10h00 and 14h00. Please pop in and support them.

Finally, in the week a panic signal was received by a house and Dowry responded. Access could not be gained to the property. This led me to think about the situation.
I also contacted a number of other security companies as to how they handle the same problem. Everyone said it is a challenge.
It is something to consider. If you need help and the help can’t get in, what happens.

Firstly, cars will approach in silence and will not stop outside the premises. They will observe and try and establish what is going on.

They should then contact their control room and the control will make a call. They will request your password. If no response, things then obviously become complicated.
Are you safe? Do you have a gun at your head?
All efforts will be made to contact someone telephonically.

Dowry have given me a leaflet with some ideas on how to allow them to have access to your property. It is on our website.  Please read it and carefully consider what you want done if you press your panic but you have big gates, palisade or electric fence. 

Then our condolences to Mashudu from Dowry- big man who is always smiling - who lost his father in the week. Our thought and prayers are with him.

I look forward to any responses to any of  above.

Stay safe


24th August 2017

Hi all

After last night’s meeting and a number of requests to change our date for the CKN Spring market / 20th Birthday, we have decided to move the date to 7 October.

It also gives us more time to plan.


So if you have something to sell or something to offer the area, please book a spot. Contact will be Lorin –

We are looking for any ideas for the day so please let us know how you would like to get involved.

Let’s make it a great CKN day.

Cake, braai and jumping castle so far.

Stay safe


21st August 2017

I have just sat down to write to you and catch up on some issues when I see a message from a resident advising that our dedicated officers must come for coffee.
It shows me that we have something special in CKN. Thank you to the many that never forget the guys that drive around our area to keep us safe and the undesirables away.

I also wanted to share some of the feedback I got around the house that had the fire last week. The cars carry various items for safety, one being a crow bar. A security gate was forced and they attempted to use pool water to dowse the fire. At the time, no one was home. High praise has been received from several persons for their efforts.

Being part of so many crime fighting groups nationally, I see the crime that is committed hourly. It is very scary and a recent article (on our website) from the head of police analytics
admitted the police are not winning in the fight against crime. We as a collective in CKN need to remain united and do all we can to secure our neighbourhood. Part of this plan will be more cameras once the role out of fibre is complete.

Crime remains a huge problem and one must not under estimate how real it is. Many video clips constantly circulate with regards armed robberies, burglaries and hijackings.
CKN has a had a great year to date and once again when I see what occurs around us, we
are very fortunate in being so quiet.

To remain quiet, we need to two things at present. One we need to grow our numbers and
two, we need you to please keep your CKN contribution up to date. Please help us with this.
On point one, this newsletter will be printed and distributed throughout CKN. To all the
non-members reading this, please consider joining us, we need you. Most of our
correspondence these days is via email and the WhatsApp groups.

I do want to clear up a misconception with regard the patrols cars from Dowry one sees riding around. Please note they are branded CKN 1 and CKN 2. These cars are funded by the CKN members in the area and should you want to make use of them, you should be a
CKN member. Only fair.

Please remember our 20th birthday celebration on 16th September which we will combine
with a Spring Day Market. Please diarise and watch for more over the coming weeks.

Chelsea who owns and runs a crèche in the area has generously offered to sponsor a child. Please contact her directly – 071 489 0681. This is what makes CKN special.

Then please also see the message on our website from Pat in Boomgom Street and her incident with a lost dog. Just another hero we have.

Then also to Cynthia who chases water and electricity issues. The last week has been a very trying one. Thank you.

As a CKN member are you on our WhatsApp groups to get up to date info from various council sources on water, electricity and other issues? Please use the emergency groups for emergencies only and the CKN Council and Community groups for other issues.

Finally, CKN meeting now on Wednesday 23 August at 19h30 please come along.


16th August 2017

Hi all

Tonight’s meeting has been postponed, a new time will be advised shortly. I am fighting the flu.

Also, Saturdays clean up will be moved to 3 September to be in line with a greater city wide clean up initiative.

Other than that all quiet, bar the water fiasco.

Stay safe.


27th July 2017

Hi all

Little to report on in CKN. Saturday did see an attempt to get onto a house in Papaja Street. This happened to be my neighbour.

Around 10h00 we heard the screams and banging. Suspects attempted to break open the back door. I ran around to the house and called another house as I was not sure what house was involved.

I called Dowry thereafter. Within a minute the suspects had disappeared. No entry gained but the residents were very shaken.

It is an elderly couple and we need to address the safety of the elderly in the area.

Crime around us is definitely on the increase. Last night again saw a shooting in Weltevredenpark when suspects gained entry to a house.

Violent crime is definitely on the increase.

Of concern in CKN is the number of open gates reported to me by Dowry. And here we are talking about the main gate on the road. Please ensure your gate is closed at all times and you are not inviting the criminal element in.

I do my best to get hold of the resident so please let us have your updated details. We will not share your details with anyone.

I have had a lot of pot holes filled. If you see any in the area, please report these to the JRA at

It is definitely time for another CKN anticrime weekend. All of our last few crimes and attempts have been on the weekend.

I’ll advise of a date soon and I hope to have your involvement.

The police are not winning the fight against crime and between our security providers and you and I, we will have to make a difference.

Month end, please can you ensure your CKN contribution is up to date.

Stay safe


14th July 2016

Hi all

Bar the burglary on Sunday afternoon, things remain quiet. I am still led to believe the burglary can be attributed to recent activity in the area around the poles.
This is not the case around us. Yesterday alone saw a number of house robberies in Weltevredenpark.

There has definitely been an increase in crime and I urge you at all times to remain vigilant, report anything suspicious and always do the basic crime prevention.

The recent rape at 14th is a major concern and between Florida CPF, Honeydew CPF and Fairlands CPF we are tackling any crime at the on and off ramps. This also in conjunction with various security companies. Take every care in this area.

Dog poisonings persist, more again last night in the sector. Check your garden regularly for anything strange and report immediately to me so we can take the necessary action.

Don’t let any stranger or unknown persons on your property, no matter what their story. Please highlight this with your domestic helper.

Something we haven’t done in ages is our own patrols. Considering the last two burglaries in CKN were on a Sunday, we’ll do some resident patrols this Sunday between 12h00 and 16h00.

Can I please call on you to book an hour and provide extra visibility in the area.

Finally, I would like to get back to having street helpers in the area. Mostly to keep track on folk leaving, welcoming new folk in the street and dropping off newsletters.
Please let me know if you can help in your street.

Crime is real and certainly getting more violent. Stay alert.
Be safe


10th July 2017

Hi all

I have been swamped with complaints about the poles being planted throughout CKN for the fibre.

I do not have capacity at present to run with this.

Gavin will be lead on the way forward.


Please do NOT be silent on this issue.


10th July 2017

Hi all

Regret to advise of a burglary in Boomgom yesterday, sometime between 12h00 and 18h30. Forced main gate again and broke back door open. Took the usual.
No alarm system.

My worry now is the fibre being laid in the area and going on past areas, this brings problems. We will have to be especially vigilant and Dowry and I have already discussed this.

Yesterday also numerous burglaries in the sector.
It cannot be denied there is an increase in crime.

Test your alarm and panic, report anything suspicious and always be alert.

Stay safe


PS do you need a CKN or Dowry board?

30th June 2017

Hi all

A round up for the week and month.
I have been scarce as we have been so quiet, it’s hard to believe when I see what is happening around us. The Florida precinct is having a torrid time.
Furthermore, with the Honeydew police concentrating on all the issues in Cosmo City, we have seen an uptick in crime in our sector.
There have been numerous dog poisonings in the sector, the latest being last night, and these are close by. The poisonings usually precede crime.
House robberies (guns uses) have also spiked. Many see the attack place when the residents are home and usually between 19h00 and 23h00.
When last did you test your panic button?

14th Avenue has seen an increase in armed robberies which could either be a hijacking or robbery, they want your cell phone etc.
Please ensure valuables are out of sight at all times and you are aware of your surroundings, windows must be closed.
We are working with Florida on this problem.

Whilst mentioning dogs, pleas ensure your animals are chipped. We have had a lot of dogs go missing lately or found and no owner can be traced.
Without our groups, many animals would not find their way home.

Please report any potholes in the area and also let me know if your street light is hidden by a tree.

Finally month end, please don’t forget your CKN contribution.
The quiet we are experiencing does come at a price.

Not much else to share. If there is anything you want addressed etc, please let me know. I do like to hear from you.

Stay safe


See Sector 2 News here

13th June 2017

Hi all

Just a quick mail, hope I get it all in. Been crazy lately and with being a pick up point in the west for Knysna has made life even more hectic. But what an experience.

We have taken in items from all over, not only CKN. People have been so generous it is hard to describe, quiet a humbling experience, I’ll share some of the stories is a separate mail. Please see photos on our website.

Dog poisoned overnight in Acanthus Street. Take your pets in at night and please check your gardens for strange items. Last night saw a number of similar incidents. Crime related, possibly.

We are busy with an audit of the area and so you could get a query about your subs. Remember CKN and Dowry go hand in hand.

Also please ensure your contact details are up to date.

I get so many messages about open gates and find we do not know who to contact or contact details are wrong.

Thank you to the many that give the guys driving around a hot drink, winter is definitly here.

Not much else for now.

Stay safe


29th May 2017

Hi all

Without wanting to tempt fate, it has been a quiet period.

I was asked about an email and so ended up struggling to find news. I suppose that’s a good thing.

Crime does abound and some areas close to us are exceptionally busy with at times, daily incidents. The biggest concern in our sector is the theft out of cars at shopping.centres, laptops being the biggest problem. Do not leave valuables in your car.

And as always, make sure you are not followed home.

Month end coming, please ensure your CKN contribution is up to date. Thank you as always for your support. CKN would not be 20 years old without your ongoing support.

I was asked last week as to why some security companies did not operate in CKN? This is the choice of the companies in question.
I am sure there is also a business case. Some companies will not sign up clients in areas as they require a certain amount of clients in an area for a car to be viable. Running a car along with salaries and petrol is a costly affair.


Of course I want you as a member and we do have members that use companies other than Dowry for their alarm responses.

Reminder of the open CKN meeting on Wednesday night.

Stay safe

One of our reaction officers wife’s is looking for a job as a domestic. Anyone know of anyone needing a domestic?

Sector Two news can be seen here:

25th May 2017

Hi all

Notice of CKN meeting on 31 May at 19h30 at 23 Boomgom.

Open to all, please come along. Will be great to see you.

Catch up email tomorrow.

Stay safe


19th May 2017

Hi all

Just a quick note before you think I am ignoring you. Please, if there is anything pressing or I owe you something, please send me an email.
I am on so many emergency Whatsapp groups, any other issue gets lost in the noise.

Bar the burglary on Sunday afternoon, we have been quiet. We are looking better than last year.
The burglary on Sunday is worrying and leads me to believe we are being watched and this was planned. The suspects came prepared as when they took a vehicle along with other items, they placed a false plate over the vehicles original. Car was recovered in Soweto. Do you have a tracker in your car? When last was it tested?

Areas close to us are having a tough time. I speak to the sector chairman for Florida sector 1 above us daily and his area is burning. Daily armed robberies and burglaries.
Remain alert and report anything suspicious.

We will meet soon after postponing the last CKN meeting as we need to plan a birthday get together.

Not much else at present.
Please stay in touch.
Stay safe

3rd May 2017

Hi all

No news really to speak of.

I attended the monthly CPF meeting last night. Our sector has the least problems in Honeydew but the only concern is the theft out of cars, 80 percent being laptops.
Do not leave valuables in your car at any time.

CKN meeting om Wednesday 10 May at 19h30 at 23 Boomgom. All welcome. The main agenda item is CKN’s 20th birthday. We need your help for a get together.

CKN is really looking dirty. Is there anyone who will help me on Saturday for an hour or two to pick up litter along Hendrik Potgieter and Constantia Drive?
Two teams should do it.

Ponzo, one of our Dowry officers has a wife looking for work. Does anyone know of someone looking for a domestic helper? Replies to me.

Finally, as I mention , 20 years of CKN.
Stay safe


26th April 2017

Hi all

Just a weekly mail.

Yesterday there was a burglary at a house on Constantia Drive. Gate was forced and a TV taken. Happened between 13h00 and 17h30.Admittedly not a CKN member and of greater concern is a trend I have noted as that once again it was a house connected to the same large security as all our other burglaries these year.

Also, should you get a power off signal, please check your power box outside.

Please see attached two photos of a house that was burgled in Roodekrans on Friday night. Scary to think that burglars will go to this extreme to get into a home. 

Stay safe

19th April 2017

Hi all

The last week has certainly seen a spike in a number of crimes. Some good news though has been there have been some good arrests of burglars and armed robbers.

Two incidents quickly. One was Saturday night. I got a call from Sophiatown Police to advise they had information on an armed robbery to be committed near Hillfox.
I advised Honeydew and later that night, the suspects were caught on the way to commit the crime.
Yesterday there was a Hijacking in Heldekruin. The suspects fled along Hendrik Potgieter and due to a number of emergency groups, we were able to catch (and shoot) the suspects in Newlands.
The problems just never end.

I am sure you saw the armed robbery that went horribly wrong this morning resulting is the shooting of a 21 year old in Florida?
We are quiet. Please report anything suspicious and stay alert.

We did see a burglary in the early hours of Monday morning where once again the power was switched off, alarm battery ran down and the property accessed.
Video footage being checked and matter under investigation.
This is the fourth such incident in CKN in the last three years and I believe perpetrated by someone who knows the area.

This brings me to a conversation on the council group this morning.
Our Dowry officers were seen asking guys digging in the bins what they were doing or where they were going?
This led to some lively debate on if this was right or  wrong?
Our constitution allows everyone the right of movement and we are cognisant of this.
However this must be weighed against ones right to safety. We know that some of these vagrants are either criminals or spotters to see what homes are empty.
We will with tact, ask them where they are going and most answer. Those that do not answer are not harassed but watched till they leave the area.
We will make those that do not belong in the area uncomfortable and the word soon gets around, go somewhere else to commit crime.

I put up CKN membership boards on Monday and replaced some broken ones.
Do you need a new board or vehicle stickers?

Whilst doing the boards a noticed numerous potholes in the area, Kroton Street is especially bad.
Please reports these. 
If we all did one hole, we are sorted.

After we had suspects jumping walls the other night I have been asked, can’t we put together a team of folk from within CKN that are prepared to hit the road immediately to assist.
Something of a CKN SWAT team !
Anyone to assist and I will arrange the necessary?
Thank you to Dowry who I am told were on scene with three cars in approximately a minute.
Also, I am told the bicycle guard is very visible.

Finally, we all know CKN is 20 next month.
Can we set 27 May for a celebration?
But we need to get things moving. Do you have any ideas for a get together in the park and who can assist with planning?

A long mail but a necessary one. Think I got it all for now.

Stay safe

4th April 2017

Hi all in Sector Two

 I write to you after having attended two armed robberies in our sector today. This being Sunday, 2 April. Both occurred around midday in short succession of each other and possibly perpetrated by the same gang.

I want to highlight two things.

One is the greater need for communication in the sector. As a sector committee we will use the Weltevredenpark FaceBook page, the Randpark Ridge FB page, the various newspapers in the area when space allows, the sector two website, emails and various WhatsApp groups that cover the sector.

At last week’s sector two meeting we decided on a way forward with the WhatsApp groups to allow for more accurate dissemination of information and this will be implemented shortly.

I must stress the need for accurate information when it comes to crime.

Please make every effort to get our communications and this must largely be done via your resident association. Please join your association as only together can we make the difference we need where we live.

Then secondly, we have noted your concerns when it comes to crime and as a sector we are doing all we can to curb crime. This involves meeting with the police, challenging them to provide the service we would expect, engaging with our security providers and then communicating with you.

There are three role players in the fight against crime. Only when the three work together will we bring crime down.

For now, please ensure you get our communications and as I mentioned, make sure you are part of the crime communications that emanate from your association.

More in the next few days.

Stay safe

John / Sector 2 Chairman

3rd April 2017

Hi all

Just a quick note. Things have just been crazy lately.
Quiet in the area so little news but crime remains a huge concern. I attended two armed robberies in Weltevredenpark yesterday afternoon where access was gained whilst people were at home.
It just never ends.

Minutes from the AGM will be with you as soon as they have been completed.
There will be no increase in our subs but please keep your CKN contributions up to date and this is also testament to how we have recently grown as an association.

We will meet soon as a committee to plan the year ahead. We all agreed to stand as is (as proposed) but please assist us when needed. Too much is being done by too few.

CKN turns 20 next month and a get together is on the cards.
Think all for now.

Stay safe


Tip: Radiokop Vet do Identipet Microchipping for a very reasonable rate. I strongly urge all residents to microchip their animals with Identipet. 



We are so pleased to introduce you to our mobile app.

Identipet is committed to delivering a world class service at every level. Pets today are part of our family and losing your pet is highly traumatic. If that unfortunate event occurs you want to be sure that you have given your beloved companion the greatest chance of recovery.
The Identipet microchip system is both unique and comprehensive-

  • The App is a highly secure connection that facilitates accurate information gathering, easy communication and seamless services allowing you to register all microchipped pets, transfer ownership and receive your proof of microchipping certificate at the click of a button.
  • The Rapid Alert feature immediately notifies you by sms should your lost pet be scanned.
  • Panic Button triggers pet rescue alerts in 5km radius of geo location (coming soon).
  • The patented anti migration chip and RFID scanners ensure consistent readability.
  • There are thousands of pet rescuers already signed up, and our 24 hour contact centre is ready to assist.
These are a few of our stand out services. It is important to know that the nominal fees charged enable us to sponsor 146 welfare organizations with top quality RFID scanners, functional RFID scanners in their hands is critical to the recovery process of lost pets.
Please look out for future updates; as there is still more to come. On behalf of all our team it is a pleasure to serve you. 
Kind regards, 
Mark Slaughter

10th March 2017

Hi all
Just a quick weekly round-up. We are quiet but over the last week we have seen an increase in burglaries and hijackings around us.
Please report anything suspicious and test your alarm.

From Tuesday nights CPF exec and meeting with the police, some trends in crime from February.
The issues at Hillfox were raised, especially the cash in transit heist on Saturday. This is being addressed.

Our sector is largely green with regards crime, green being stable or less incidents that the same period last year.
Burglaries remain an issue along with the theft of cars.
Wednesday is the peak crime day for burglaries followed by Saturday.
Theft of vehicles Thursday, Friday and Saturday are peak days.

Burglaries  - peak times are 20h00 to 00h00.
Car theft mostly between 16h00 and 20h00.

The most feared crimes are home invasions and hijackings.
Home invasions are occurring mostly on Thursdays and Fridays between 00h00 and 04h00.
Car-jacking’s are mostly on Thursday between 08h00 and 12h00.

A full copy of the report will be on our website.
The guard on the bike will be with us to the end of March. No reported incidents since he has been with us.
We will re-evaluate at the end of the month based on finances.

Thank you to those that patrolled last Friday night. We will have another CKN operation soon.

The CKN AGM has been advised of and will be on 29 March. This is one CKN meeting you are urged to attend.

There has been a lot of communication of late around potholes, water, trees, grass etc.
Please log these matters directly with the call centre and copy Cynthia and myself. If not attend to timeously we will then escalate.
Are you on Cynthia’s council group?
These matters are no longer for the emergency groups.

Finally, Frik who helps to maintain the area has had an operation and so will not be able to help for the next eight weeks.
We wish him well with his recovery.
As the grass in CKN is getting long and needs addressing, it has been logged with City parks.
Can I ask for some to help for one day with the grass cutting.
CKN has a brush cutter, we hire a second and then we need two gardeners – anyone know of some-one needing some extra cash - for a day to walk and cut. Supervision will be required and hence just the one day.
I am sure one day will break the back of the grass issues.

Think that covers it for now

Stay safe


8th March 2017

Dear Sector Two resident

This is all those residing and working in the suburbs bordered by Beyers Naude, N1, Christiaan De Wet and Wilhelmina Drive/Constantia Drive.
At the many meetings I attend with regard crime along with the many mails and posting I see around crime, drug usage always is near the top of the list.

As a sector we wish to tackle this scourge and so you as a resident are being asked to be our eyes and ears.
One of the sector action plans for the first quarter of 2017 is to tackle drugs in the sector.

You are therefore being asked to please send any drug related concerns you have to we will ensure all information is acted on.

Please supply specific details: for example a full address of suspicious activity and full descriptions of vehicles.


Sector Two we need your help, this is your chance to make a difference and make our sector safer for all who live in the area.

Stay safe

John/ Sector Chairman

8th March 2017

Hi all 

Notice is hereby given of CKN AGM to be held on 29 March at the Guest House in Calendula Street at 19h00. 

A copy of our constitution is available on request. 

Please make every effort to attend. 

Stay safe

3rd March 2017

Hi all
Just a quick weekly round-up.
CKN remains quiet but as always, please remain alert and report anything suspicious.
Dowry have been working hard and the two cars and bike are working well.
The latest crime stats were released earlier today. These for the last 9 months.
Of great concern is car-jacking which is up some 15 percent and residential robbery some 5 percent. In both cases this is where guns are used.

It is getting darker sooner, check your automated lights are reset.
Also clear shrubs on your pavement so there is no place to hide.

Lots of complaints about pot holes, if you see one in CKN please log it at

Last weekend I put up CKN boards and replaced old ones. Did I miss you?
Also do you need stickers for your vehicle identifying you as a CKN resident?

Then, tonight, CKN resident patrols between 18h00 and 22h00, please lend your support, the extra visibility does make a difference.

Finally, do you know your neighbour?
I mention this specifically after an incident last week in a boomed area.
Suspects got into a house in the early hours of the morning, tied up the residents and took a lot of household items.
They were in the house for some two and a half hours.
They disabled the alarm, land line and took all the phones.
Should this happen to you, who are you going to call for help? Have you thought of hiding an old cell phone somewhere?
A good room is the bathroom as in many home robberies victims are locked in the bathroom.
Of course we want to stop these type of incidents before they occur.
We need to keep the cars on the road. Is your CKN contribution up to date? Please check, we need your support.

AGM date soon once I finalise a venue.

Stay safe

PS. CKN is 20 years in May. I am looking for help to organise a birthday in the park.

24th February 2017

Hi all
Just a quick weekly round-up.
CKN – quiet. We will push as far as we can with the reaction officer on a bicycle. Big difference!

At times I get the question "Why did I not see the cars?"  Weekly Dowry and I work out a crime prevention strategy and we change things constantly.
Cars might be on one of the roads on the boarders of CKN or perhaps in one of the complexes that are CKN members.
I can assure you the cars are always in the area unless its shift change or for petrol. One car is always in the area, two will never leave at the same time.
Furthermore, please note the cars are there for CKN members and to combat crime.
At times they get called to domestic issues. This is not for them. They are trained to tackle criminals. Should a life be in danger they will wait till the police arrive. Domestic disputes are for the police.
However they do get called to matters such as cats in trees, gates that will not open, fires and of course strange noises, barking dogs and suspicious cars and persons.
There are of course many more stories. Is it not good to have this type of support?
I know of many folk that have called on our guys for help where they need to go beyond the call of duty.

Part of their list of duties is to call on some of the elderly in the area. You will be surprised at some of the need in the area and I want to initiate an adopt a neighbor where people are elderly or stay on their own. More on this shortly.
Recently a number of residents have offered to pay a little extra to cover membership of those that cannot afford to pay to CKN. We have many generous folk in CKN.
CKN also sponsors some homes, safety first and so the home gets the number of the cars to call in need.

Whilst we are quiet, some areas seem to be falling apart. Last night one of our residents was held up at gun point at 14th Avenue.
Florida SAPS and victim support were arranged before the victim got to the station, they were all great.

Two boards that belong on the camera poles have come off, is there anyone that can re-fit them?

Think all for now.
Stay safe


16th February 2017

Hi all

Just a quick update and some news.
The guard has been with us a week and all has been quiet. Thank you to those that have so generously contributed to the extra security.
Let’s see how long we can keep him. (Hard work out there , please give him a cold drink).
Problems around us certainly abound.

Recent articles around crime show Honeydew as the worst precinct in SA for hijackings, take care! Please see our website for news items on crime.
Also watch out for a new look website soon. Jenny has been working hard.

There have been queries around fibre to the area. News will be placed on our website but for now, we are far short of the required number of homes for Vumatel to start.

Not much else for now. Stay alert and report anything suspicious.
Welcome to a host of new members, great to have you as part of the CKN family.

Next time a few rules around the cars and also some stories on some of the elderly in the area and plans to look after them.

Stay safe


13th February 2017

Hi all

re WhatsApp
There are over 400 people on our CKN Security groups.  As you are aware the activity on these groups sometimes becomes overwhelming so we have decided to make some changes.

Now that we have elected our Ward Council Representatives we have decided to have a group which Cynthia will run and which will deal with ALL Council activities such as City Power, Jo'burg Water, City Parks, street lights, roads, potholes, etc. Cynthia's Council Corner.

Lorin already has a CKN Pets group which we would like to encourage all pet owners to join and where details of lost and found pets will be posted.

We would like to suggest that one member of each household should join each of these groups to facilitate action being taken timeously.  Lorin puts all lost and found pets on our CKN Facebook page.
Both these groups will be open to members and non-members.   To join please send a message to Cynthia +27 84 589 1497 (, and Lorin  +27 82 523 4095 (

This will leave the Security groups free for Security Only information.  Please continue to post dubious cars and pedestrians so that everyone is aware of them, and so that Dowry can take action.  Power outages are also important security matters as they impact on alarms and gate and garage motors.
In addition, all those that have alarms with Dowry will have their signal relayed directly to the cars via SMS (almost complete), and so speed up response times. Your signal will still go to the control room and that process remains unchanged. To also prevent the reaction officers from missing an alarm signal, we will keep our emergency groups to emergencies only and reduce the noise they will receive.

Thank you for your co-operation. We need to make sure crime remains our focus and this is part of the process to bring our issues down.

Stay safe


News article in Cape Times –
perhaps in the interest of CKN members to take notice.

R10 000 fine for failing to renew gun licence

20 February 2017
NA Reporter (Cape Times/

A man who failed to renew his firearm licence in time, and was thus in illegal possession of an unlicensed firearm for some six months, was fined R10 000 or two years in prison on Monday.

Derick Johnson appeared in the Parow Regional Court before magistrate Constance Nziweni.

The magistrate agreed with prosecutor Barry van der Berg that the case did not justify a jail sentence without the option of a fine as this was more of a technical offence.

Johnson told the court the licence had expired in June last year and that he was in fact in the process of renewing it when he was arrested on December 29 last year.

He told the court: “I was still in the process of getting the licence sorted out.”

The prosecutor added that he would have called for a prison sentence without a fine had Johnson in fact been in possession of the unlicenced firearm for illegal purposes.

Blending justice with mercy, the magistrate suspended half the fine for five years and allowed Johnson to pay the remaining R5 000 in two instalments – R2 000 immediately and the remaining R3 000 at the end of April.

However, to bring the gravity of the offence home to him, she warned Johnson he would be in serious trouble if he failed to pay the R5 000, or even part of it, by the end of April.

She warned him: “If you fail to pay, you will be rearrested and brought before this court again, and I will send you to prison.”

She said the court did not know why he had failed to renew the licence on time – whether it was due to laziness or ignorance.

Nziweni said it was crucial for the criminal justice system that the requirements for the renewal of firearm licences be complied with to the letter.

She said justice required the courts to temper punishment with a measure of mercy, as she had done by suspending half of Johnson’s fine and prison sentence, but that she would be failing in her duty if the court did not send out an appropriate message to communities.

The message was that offenders caught in illegal possession of unlicensed firearms, for criminal purposes, could expect heavy jail sentences, she added.

African News Agency

Contact Johan Potgieter,
Cell: 079 306 7203,

Social media can make you a target for robberies

Posted on February 14, 2017 in Cyber

By: Dawie Loots, CEO of MUA Insurance Acceptances

The 2016 Norton Cybersecurity Insights Report revealed that 67% of South Africans feel that it is getting more difficult to control their personal information due to smartphones and the internet.

The popularity of social media platforms are growing rapidly in South Africa, but many might not realise that they are exposing themselves as potential targets for crime through their social media posts.

By disclosing personal information, individuals place themselves at an increased risk of theft, as criminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated in the types of technologies that they employ to plan a burglary. Social media sites and information posted to these platforms by users can aid criminals in planning their crimes.

When a person shares their daily activities, location and purchases on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or other social media portals, they are unknowingly providing robbers with a ‘social media road map’ and summary of their belongings and constant whereabouts.

Google Street View is another example of a website that can make consumers susceptible to theft, as it provides detailed imaging of streets and the exterior of homes. The website allows anyone to view the security features of a home, such as spikes, electric fencing, walls and the entire perimeter of a property.

Kim Kardashian was held at gunpoint in her appointment in Paris in early October where robbers stole her 20-carat engagement ring and a case of jewellery to the value of R163 million. With over 50 million people following her whereabouts on Twitter alone, this celebrity could easily have been targeted by the robbers.

This celebrity’s wealth is displayed in numerous social media posts on a daily basis and resultantly millions of people (including thieves) knows that she owns many expensive possessions.

Consumers should be careful about the information they provide on social networks as these posts can also increase their risk of insurance claim rejections. For example, if a client is involved in a motor accident and tells their insurance provider that they were at home drinking soft drinks, but their social media images on Facebook indicates something on the contrary, the insurer can use this information and possibly reject the claim.

When insurance premiums are calculated they are based on a risk assessment of each individual. At the moment, online activity is generally not considered part of an individual’s assessment, however, with new online services launching all the time, more insurers are opting to use a policyholder’s online social media activity when assessing a claim.


• Make sure all features and applications are password protected on mobile devices, such as phones and tablets.
• Do not post photos of your valuable possessions on social media sites – be careful what you post online.
• Do not use “lazy” online passwords such as 1234.
• Regularly update passwords and never divulge these passwords to anyone else.
• Before posting content to social media, ask yourself, “does this content make me more vulnerable to robbers”.
• Never post your home address or any other personal information, such as home phone numbers on social media platforms.
• Turn off any location-based applications unless it is absolutely necessary.
Always supply insurers with accurate and truthful information at the time of claim submission.

8th February 2017

Hi all

After today’s burglary, I am going to suggest two courses of action.

We put the guard on a bicycle back in the area – but this means I need to ask for some additional funding.
Can I ask for R200 per household or an amount that you can afford, I know this is extra?
We will keep the guard till the money runs out.

Then for the rest of the month we as residents start our patrolling again?
Something we have not done in ages.
Day and night till the end of the month. Time for patrolling is up to you.

Also, anyone got an old Zozo hut or know where we can source a cheap guard house. Unfortunately we lost our contact who sponsored the last two huts.
Would like to put one at the west end of Constantia with a guard.

Your thoughts?
Meeting with the police last night they advised based on latest crime information, Honeydew is performing well and they have moved crime to Douglasdale and Florida.
CKN bordering Florida is now taking strain, as we all know.
Crime in the area around Jim Fouche, Bamboes, Constantia Drive, Wilhelmina has spiked in the last few months.


1st February 2017

Hi all
A note that I hope will help us all catch up on news. I was off Whatsapp for 10 days and so also need to respond to some of the issues being raised.
Seems there is a lot going on. I will try and cover everything.

Crime is real. CKN was formed to combat the scourge and this must remain our focus.
(CKN turns 20 in May. I know few associations can boast of being around for such a length of time. We will be holding our AGM soon and the big question will be as to whether CKN continues for another year?).
January saw three incidents in the area. Two burglaries and  one armed robbery. Both burglaries were at non CKN members and secured by security companies that are not active in CKN.
This trend has been picked up in numerous areas. Where the residents are not making a difference you have crime.
From what I see daily in all the contacts I have country wide, CKN is not falling apart. Things could be much worse.
I cannot guarantee you we will be crime free and the same goes for any security company and the police. But together we can make a difference and have a safer neighborhood if we choose to get involved. As CKN is usually quiet, even the police tell me this, when we do have an incident it feels like the world is about to end.
We need to do all we can to be safe as crime comes in many forms. We have to be pro-active and always be aware along with doing the basic crime prevention.
In the last mail I mentioned where most of our problems have occurred. Only with this type of information can we do something about crime combatting. It also makes one aware.
No CKN equals no crime information which also means no measures to try and put a stop to crime.
I understand your frustration but remember we are not doing nothing.
Just think what CKN is doing.

Fingers have been pointed at the cars for not being everywhere or taking a little longer than is expected to get to you.
Few areas have two cars riding around but they can’t be in every street all the time. Keep your eyes open and report anything suspicious.
Next time I will mention a little of what they get up to and complaints they attend.
I am a firm believer in pro-active policing.

Please do not WhatsApp the cars in an emergency, phone them.
Cell phone and radio signals in the area are poor at best.

Then onto the call for booms. Having booms does not mean there will be no crime.
The process to get booms is a long one and various “hoops” have to be jumped through. We require a traffic impact study, crime stats and a lot of financial and resident support.
If passed, the guards require water, sewage and electricity.
Finally, I will ask, where will the monthly contributions come from? As it is we do not ask a lot and yet we have to chase up monies monthly.
Whilst talking money, no change in subs till the AGM. If you are not paying the asked for CKN contribution of R300 a month, please consider some form of increase.

Meeting on 8 February around power issues. Details on our site and attached to this mail. Please attend.

I put up membership boards on Saturday and replaced broken ones. Did I skip you?
Do you need stickers for your car identifying you as a CKN resident?
Are your contact details up to date?

I think I have mentioned what I wanted to.
More next time as the above is enough for now.

CKN , crime is real. We need to make that difference together in CKN. I welcome your feedback and any comments.

(I am also looking for your CKN stories for our 20 year newsletter).

Stay safe

23rd January 2017


I write to you after coming home after attending to a burglary on Saturday afternoon at a house in Bamboes Street.
The sad part is that another security company attended the alarm, caught the suspects on the premises, questioned them, were given incorrect passwords and they left.
Suspects took what they wanted and left.
There is little that we as CKN can do to hold other service providers to account.
The trend of homes being burgled that are not linked to dedicated companies and that are not active in an area continues, and this not only in CKN.
It is sad that folk will go with the cheapest and with companies that are not represented in the area. We have some homes that are linked to security companies and they happen to be the only home in the area.
It is also sad that some security companies try to be everything to everyone, it does not work.

CKN was formed some 20 years ago to combat crime. This must remain our priority.
Looking at the incidents CKN experienced in 2016, it was not a good year. Burglaries were high along with followed home hijackings.
CKN and Dowry are working on the burglaries as this is something we can try and prevent. Followed home crimes will require your vigilance and reporting.

January 2017 has seen two burglaries.

Our burglaries in 2016 were largely on a Tuesday and a Saturday, all between 12h00 and 15h00. Please take note of this.
I mapped out our burglaries for 2015, 2016 and 2017. Bamboes Street from top to bottom and Worsboom Street are our biggest concerns followed by the street leading off of Acanthus.

Do you require stickers for your cars identifying you as a CKN resident?
Also I will do CKN boards this coming weekend, this means putting up and removing, which is unfortunate.

Finally, my recent mail refers. We need help with small things and this really helps share the load.
Many things are a one off. Can you help?

Stay safe

A few lines from my recent mail directed at non-members. (This mail will be printed and hence my comments directed at non-members).

I will try and cover as much as possible that has occurred since the last time I sent you a mail. Over December, WhatsApp messages had to suffice as I was on leave.
Of course we have to remember why CKN is here and that is to combat crime.
December saw a resident's son followed home and held up in the driveway one evening. The suspects were apprehended about a week later after committing another armed robbery close by. They were connected to the driveway robbery in Kroton Street in November along with other crimes. They are behind bars. Photos of their mini on the CKN website.
December also saw two burglaries, both non-members who were on holiday.
So all in all, 2016 proved to be a rather crime filled year in comparison to all the previous years I have been involved with CKN. Plans are already under way to bring the issues down.
CKN will do its best to cut problems where it can, burglaries being one crime. However, the followed home robberies and hijacking are difficult to prevent and it is up to you and me to be observant when returning home.
At the time of writing, hijackings in other areas were high and occurred daily.

Finally, I will send out a separate mail on how CKN’s partnership with Dowry works.
It is sad to see residents that sign with Dowry and not join CKN. Remember CKN pays for the cars.
I get a monthly list of alarms from Dowry and if a strange address is added by Dowry without the person being a CKN member, the contract is cancelled. Only fair.
Switch to Dowry in February and your first months monitoring is free. Join CKN and your first month will also be free (this newsletter is going in the post boxes of non CKN members).
Surely you can see the benefit of the cars that do not leave the area.
Recently at our sector meeting we discussed the issue of security companies and where problems occur.

The trend has been to burgle homes of non-association member as they do not get crime news, and those of companies not represented in the area. What cars do you see riding around CKN? Not sitting under a tree.

13th January 2017

Hi all

Something I forgot to include was a request for you to please update your contact details.
Please send Jenny your up to date cell numbers.
We had two incidents over December where we could not contact folk as their cell numbers were incorrect.
Please include your address and contact names.
This is important.

Finally, I am sure many are aware of the sad incident on Christiaan de Wet this morning in which a lady burnt to death in her car.
I have requested Dowry to stock our patrol cars, at our expense, with the biggest fire extinguishers they can find.

Photos of yesterday’s accident at Dynamix House on our website.

Please travel safely at all times. Don’t speed, drink and drive or use your cell phone.
We lose too many lives because people are in a hurry or arrogant.

Stay safe

3rd January 2017

CKN Community- we need YOUR voice

Please sign and get others to sign the following two online petitions (ongoing and new) for banning fireworks. Both need our support. Share with as many people as you can. Thanks!

Petition 1 (ongoing by BAT)

Petition 2 (newer to ban fireworks throughput JHB)…/

13th January 2017

Hi all

Something I forgot to include was a request for you to please update your contact details.
Please send Jenny your up to date cell numbers.
We had two incidents over December where we could not contact folk as their cell numbers were incorrect.
Please include your address and contact names.
This is important.

Finally, I am sure many are aware of the sad incident on Christiaan de Wet this morning in which a lady burnt to death in her car.
I have requested Dowry to stock our patrol cars, at our expense, with the biggest fire extinguishers they can find.

Photos of yesterday’s accident at Dynamix House on our website.

Please travel safely at all times. Don’t speed, drink and drive or use your cell phone.
We lose too many lives because people are in a hurry or arrogant.

Stay safe

11th January 2017

Dear CKN

Welcome to the new year and I hope it will be all you hope for along with being a safe one.

So, herewith the first email for the year.

I will try and cover as much as possible that has occurred since the last time I sent you a mail. Over December, WhatsApp messages had to suffice as I was on leave.

Of course we have to remember why CKN is here and that is to combat crime.

December saw a resident's son followed home and held up in the driveway one evening. The suspects were apprehended about a week later after committing another armed robbery close by. They were connected to the driveway robbery in Kroton Street in November along with other crimes. They are behind bars. Photos of their mini on the CKN website.

December also saw two burglaries, both non-members who were on holiday.

So all in all, 2016 proved to be a rather crime filled year in comparison to all the previous years I have been involved with CKN. Plans are already under way to bring the issues down.

CKN will do its best to cut problems where it can, burglaries being one crime. However, the followed home robberies and hijacking are difficult to prevent and it is up to you and me to be observant when returning home.

At the time of writing, hijackings in other areas were high and occurred daily.
Crime comes in many forms and one must be vigilant at every turn.  

CKN turns 20 in May. More will follow about what is planned; I think we deserve a celebration.

I would like to put together a special newsletter for our birthday so if you have a story to tell, please send me a few lines for inclusion.

Also, as I would like to print a newsletter for all in the area, please consider sponsoring an advert in the newsletter to cover printing costs. 

Thank you to the many that contributed to the dedicated drivers bonuses along with lots of eats and drinks over the festive season. I know you spoilt them in other ways as well.  

So we now look to the year ahead.

Power and water issues remain frustrating and we will address these.

There is already a petition doing the rounds to stop the unwelcome fireworks. Have you added your name? 

Going forward we need help with sharing the load.
Can you help check camera footage when we have an incident?
Could you help with updating our blackboards?
Can you help in fixing and replanting two blackboards?
We would like to fix our entrance at Kroton Street. It has been left in a mess due to the laying of fibre. Got any old pots and unwanted plants, preferably succulents? 

If you have anything you want undertaken in the year, let me know.
Speeding and traffic lights are on the agenda.  

I attend many crime scenes and in most cases, victims cannot remember much.
We will post a form on our site that I recommend you complete and store in a safe place.
It requires details such as bank account numbers, telephone numbers for banks, the name of your tracking company, passwords for phones etc.

 Finally, I will send out a separate mail on how CKN’s partnership with Dowry works.
It is sad to see residents that sign with Dowry and not join CKN. Remember CKN pays for the cars.
I get a monthly list of alarms from Dowry and if a strange address is added by Dowry without the person being a CKN member, the contract is cancelled. Only fair.

Switch to Dowry in February and your first months monitoring is free. Join CKN and your first month will also be free (this newsletter is going in the post boxes of non CKN members).

Surely you can see the benefit of the cars that do not leave the area.

Recently at our sector meeting we discussed the issue of security companies and where problems occur.

The trend has been to burgle homes of non-association member as they do not get crime news, and those of companies not represented in the area. What cars so you see riding around CKN? Not sitting under a tree. 

There can be no compromise on safety and there is no second chance.

 Till next time. Stay safe