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News updates from the Chairman will be published here

Please email John with any important news

2nd November 2018

Little to no news at present but as always, do the basic crime prevention, report anything suspicious and test your alarm regularly.

On Monday morning I replaced a lot of CKN boards with new ones. More will be done soon.

Also, do you need stickers for your vehicle identifying you as a CKN resident?

Last CKN meeting for the year on Wednesday the 7th at 23 Boomgom , 19h00, all welcome.

Finally, a new month, can you please ensure your CKN contribution is up to date.

Stay safe


26th October 2018

Just a quick note to end the week on.

I attended the sector meeting last night and the highlights:

Crime over the past month hijackings, assault and burglaries

Other crime stable but at the usually high levels.

NOTE - crime trends Saturdays and Sundays are the two highest days for crime with the times being 16h00 to 20h00 followed by 20h00 to 24h00.

The association north of the Pikitup dump site did a presentation on the area in and around the site. Whilst it is a mess -we had drone footage the amount of vagrants living there is staggering.
Matter will be dealt with the police, JMPD and other role players.

As an association it is something we will have to be aware of and be pro-active in monitoring our area and being alert to extra pedestrians in CKN.

What was heartening last night is the lack of incidents I reported on, compared to other associations in the sector.

Think that?s all for now.

Stay safe

23rd October 2018


Time has been a bit scarce of late due to work but herewith a bit of a catch up. Whilst CKN has been relatively quiet over the past few months crime has certainly not abated in areas around us.

Please continue to report anything suspicious,  make sure your alarm is in working, all your panic buttons are working and also you are not being followed when returning home.

Once again, the recent crime statistics and the break down of same released by Stats SA do not paint a pretty picture with a number of West Rand police stations making the top 10 for the wrong reasons.

The vagrants we had living along Hendrik Potgieter have been moved and we will be cleaning up the mess left behind.

Our challenges of late seem to have been electricity. Something we as a community – together- will have to address.

Welcome to our new members. It is most heartening to get new members and we can only be successful by growing our numbers. Of course, please don’t forget your monthly CKN contribution. The cleaning of the area and the two cars and bicycle that actively move around the area are dependant on your financial support. Our recent database clean- up has been successful and many have brought their contributions up to date. Some reminders will still be going out.

I will catch up on erecting the new CKN membership boards on Monday.

As we approach year end, please let me know if there is anything we still need to tackle in the area but rest assured, nothing will change with regard the dedicated cars and bike.
So, with regards finances, year-end and our dedicated officers, just a reminder that we will be collecting for bonuses for them, and as in the past we have asked for one month’s additional contribution or what is affordable.

We would also like to give each family something extra for Christmas, especially the children, so please see below and thank you to Gaby who will assist with this.
I think that’s all for now. If I have missed something, please be in touch.

Stay safe


5th October 2018

Hi all

Emails have been a bit scarce of late but here is a bit of a catch up.

I was travelling and out of the country and there is certainly no place like home. And in the same breath it remains up to us to make our neighbourhood a safe and clean place to live.

Whilst away there was an armed robbery in Bloubos. I have not got to see the family as yet so I can't give full details. Other than that we have been quiet.

My WhatsApp messages about the suspicious and wanted cars refer, so please remain alert and report anything suspicious.

Happily I can report I have had no reports of air horns being used!

Crime remains rampant and house robberies, burglaries and hijackings are a daily occurrence.

The cleaning of CKN continues and I am sure you have seen the difference in the area. Thank you to Joy and her team. Please keep your pavement neat and we will do the rest.

I have considered sending out a request for us as residents to join the cleaning of Johannesburg on the third Saturday of every month but as the team are doing such a good job, you are off the hook, but I think a one-off area effort can be considered.

I have received a number of queries about the vagrants living along Hendrik Potgieter, especially along our boundary walls. Obviously this has led to a lot of litter. The litter has been collected and we are dealing the issue as sensitively as possible between the police, JMPD and Dowry.

Lorin has set th 27th of October for Trick or Treat. As I have also received requests for a CKN get together we will have a braai in the Kroton Street park at the same time. More details will follow but please diarise.

Finally, our audit is paying dividends. Thank you to the many that have brought their CKN contributions up to date. Please don't forget us as it's month end. Some reminders are still to go out but if there are financial constraints, please let me know.

Also if there is anything outstanding that you would like done in the area, please also let me know.

Think all for now.

Stay safe

16th September 2018

Hi all in CKN

Just a quick catch up on what has happened over the last few weeks, comment on the recent crime stats and some work for all!

The recently released national crime statistics did not make for pleasant reading, especially when the Honeydew precinct came in at number 4. That is 4th worst station in the country.
I quote from the front page of the STAR "Honeydew was branded the worst place to live"
Crimes that would stand out in CKN reported a follows:
Hijackings up 23.5% 184 cases
Home invasions up 6.85% 360 cases, scary at one day, highest in SA
Burglaries down by 6% 1 260 cases!!
Theft of cars down by 13.5% 622 cars taken.
Full break down of all crime can be found at
CKN did not contribute greatly but that does not mean we do not stop fighting.

Is it not good to have a CKN?

We have been quiet over the last three months bar the hiccups in Bamboes. Our recent efforts do appear to be paying dividends and with donations from Bamboes Street and other concerned residents there will be an extra guard in the problem area for a period.
July saw 2 burglaries, August 2 and September has seen 1 burglary.

Have you noticed how clean and well-kept CKN is of late? Joy and her team have been very busy and these are your CKN contributions at work.

Other than that, I don't have much to report on. So, some housekeeping between now and the end of the year. Thank you to those that attended the CKN meeting last week.

Street lights along Jim Fouche that are out to be reported.
Owner of broken wall along Jim Fouche to be approached as area vulnerable.
Guard house corner Bamboes and Constantia Drive needs some TLC. Any carpenter that can advise on restoration needed?

Please report potholes or email same to me for reporting.

Speeding is a concern to all. Please adhere to the speed limit and obey the rules of the road. It appears that our own residents are not considerate of their neighbours. Many in the area walk, jog or walk their dogs. Many children ride their bikes in the streets. Let's not have an accident.

Another area braai has been requested, we will work on this.

Finally, we agreed we would give our guards something extra at the end of the year. To enable us to do this and for you to plan, we will ask an extra months subs or whatver is affordable. We know times are tight so anything will help. In the same breath, please don't forget CKN at the end of the month.

Stay safe

31st August 2018

Hi all

Just a quick round up for the week. Quiet for now bar the fence that was cut at the back of a house at the top end of Bamboes.
This area remains a challenge and a lot is being done to sort out the access being gained from Panorama Drive, above CKN. There's a lot of foot traffic in and around this area. Something we are addressing. There is no trend on the days of the week we have experienced issues in Bamboes so it is hard to plan. We have to be alert at all times.

I attended the sector meeting last night. Crime remains an issue with house breaking the biggest concern. Burglaries are up whilst other crime is fairly stable, again at high levels.
Ours was one association that was not singled out as a problem.

Thursday are the highest crime days followed by Sundays!
Problematic time largely between 16h00 and 20h00. PLEASE NOTE.

Thank you to the many that have helped with items of late. Updating the blackboards, cleaning the area, collecting and distributing air horns (have you paid for yours?), patrolling, extra monies to CKN and so much else.

Month end, please can you check your CKN contribution is up to date. When we don?t have to chase up outstanding monies it makes our lives so much easier.

Finally, the Bamboes Street problems have brought so many together. People have got to know their neighbors, we have been fighting crime together and what has stood out for me, is those that have put their hands deep in their pockets to help pay for an extra guard in that area. Many in Bamboes Street have helped but many in other streets have also been willing to contribute.

My last mail was about how crime affects us all.
Three things stood out and we are doing all of them. Finding solutions to crime, keeping the area clean and mobilizing the community. Makes one feel good and proud to live in CKN.

PS CKN patrols tomorrow night. See you out there.

Stay safe

20th August 2018

Hi all

Just a quick update on a few things before you think I forgot about you.

Suspect accessed a property in Bergpruim in the early hours of Saturday. Over or through an electric fence. Ipad taken. Seen running down the road and went through house in Bamboes and into Jim Fouche. Air horn was used due to disturbance.

I have a long list of those that want air horns. Please note having one is by choice only. The benefit of such is it is manual so if someone uses one, you know there are issues. I am still taking orders.

I put up a lot more CKN boards yesterday, yes, yours is coming if you don?t have one as yet. Old boards are really so brittle.

We have a black board on the corner of Bamboes and Constantia Drive. Could some fix the legs and replant it?

Also I would like to get the rest of the corner next to the guardhouse at Kroton finished. Sarah started this and has unfortunately moved out of CKN. Anyone with concrete for concrete paving?

Has anyone noted how clean Constantia Drive is?

Finally, welcome to our new members. Only by growing can we remain sustainable.

Think thats all I have for now.

Stay safe

8th August 2018

Hi all

Thank you to the many that joined us at the meeting last night and at short notice.
In short the take aways and action items. (I did not take minutes so if there is anything I missed, please let me know).

This meeting was targeted at the issues CKN has been experiencing in Bamboes Street. The weak points being access over walls from Jim Fouche.

  • Separate Whatsapp group will be set up just for Bamboes residents.
  • Grass and trees will be cut back along Jim Fouche.
  • Street lights will be fixed along Jim Fouche.
  • Air Horns will be sourced for residents in the street
  • Guard house to be sourced for the Constantia Drive/Jim Fouche intersection.
  • Cost of a guard at same to be looked into.
  • More patrols along Jim Fouche.

Thank you for the ideas and only together can we make a difference. It was great to see so many join us last night.

No one in CKN is alone in the crime fight.

We need funds and one way to do this and also to keep growing is more members. I am challenging all of you to please find us one new member. Is your neighbor a CKN member?

We were also asked to look at bigger signs advising we have cameras.

From my side, we need to update our black boards more regularly. Can I ask for adoption of each board.
One at entrance at Albert Street, opposite Clover, corner Bamboes Street and Constantia Drive, one corner Kroton and Boomgom.
Updates will be provided. I just need scribes.

I think that is all for now. Please stay in touch. Safety is our number one priority and should be for everyone.

Stay safe

7th August 2018

Hi all

Burglary this morning at about 02h30 at the top end of Bamboes Street. TV taken, came prepared with a ladder as accessed an upstairs door.

We have a meeting tonight at 23 Boomgom. as a few committee members to go through our database at 19h30 and as we have the meeting, we will start at 19h00 to discuss the problems in Bamboes as a whole.
I urge all Bamboes Street residents to attend.

Not much else. Open gates remain hugely problematic.

I mentioned the database. Please ensure your CKN contribution is up to date.

Many thanks and stay safe


3rd August 2018

Hi all

Not much to report so herewith a few things that I noted.

Hijackings remain a real problem. Please take care at all time, especially when coming home.

Thank you to all those that patrolled last weekend. So many green lights riding around along with a number that did not use patrol equipment and were “under cover”.

Friday night saw some 9 Dowry cars in the area. Thank you to our partner for their support.

Lots of stories from the weekend but the big take away was the open gates and garages.

Do we patrol Wednesday night seeing that Thursday is a holiday?

New month, please can you check your CKN contribution is up to date.

Stay safe and have a great weekend.


22 July 2018

Hi CKN Resident

I write to you on the night of 22 July after what seems to have been a frustrating and worrying weekend.

Thursday and Friday nights saw cars stolen form a complex on Constantia Drive.

Friday night around midnight a house at the top end of Bamboes was burgled, it appears suspects came over the wall from Jim Fouche.

Saturday morning saw the attempted hijack of a vehicle on Fairview Drive wherein 7 young kids were involved. Suspects were all armed and wore balaclavas.

Sunday around 12h30 saw a burglary in Okkerneut Street.

These incidents are on our borders or in CKN. These are just a few as I am aware of so many others in surrounding areas.

This weekend we will hold an anti-crime weekend starting on Friday afternoon and ending at midnight on Sunday. This is something we have not done in ages and also, we, as residents have not patrolled in ages. I ask for two hours of your time to patrol and send extra visibility to the area. This can be for a full two hours or maybe two one-hour slots. One can even just collect patrol equipment and go and sit at one of our entrances. Earlier last week it had already been arranged with Dowry to be in force on Friday night. Let’s make this a weekend that counts and I am asking for support from everyone.

Furthermore, after seeing a family today, I learnt they had cancelled their armed response as it was not affordable. By joining CKN we can offer you something no other security company can and that is access to the dedicated CKN at a price one can afford. We do have pensioners rates and we will make a plan as it always has been safety first. But please do not take advantage of our willingness to assist as the cars driving around come at a cost. Please keep your subs up to date and if there are financial constraints, we will be understanding but please talk to us. If everyone paid regularly and also if those who are not CKN members but linked to Dowry also contributed to CKN, we would not have to chase any money. Please help us to help you. (Again, this letter will be going out as a hard copy). People need to know what is going on in the area.

If you are not a member I am inviting you to join us as only together can we make a difference.

All our fire hydrants in the area will soon be marked. Look out for the blue cats eyes that will be popping up.

Then coming to the above and unaffordability of safety, we are still busy with our CKN audit and so chasing subs and putting up and taking down boards, we are identifying the elderly in the area. Once done, will someone please take on the maintenance of a data base of these residents and then maintain a list to enable Dowry to call on these homes?

I am also looking for 2 or 3 residents to assist me with security issues.

Please let me know if a house next to you is standing empty.

CKN committee meeting on Wednesday at 19.30 at 23 Boomgom Street.  Please join us.

Finally, crime is real and remains a huge problem. The trauma of 7 children should bring this home. Don’t take your safety lightly. We will do everything we can to make the area safe for all who live here with the time and resources we have at hand. CKN was founded and run by people who are concerned about your safety. Get involved and please help us make a difference for all.

Stay safe


16th July 2018

Hi all

Just a quick note after what seems a busy weekend.

All has been quiet until the early hours of this morning. I was woken at about 02h30 by Dowry to advise of an attempted burglary in Kroton Street whereby a wall had been broken through. An attempt was also made on the neighboring house where the razor wire had been removed. A suspect had been arrested and the police were on scene. I'll pop by the homes later tonight.

Please see photos below.

Please do not think that as you have beams, high walls, electric fence, razor wire and the like one’s property cannot be accessed.

The entire length of Hendrik Potgieter was checked this morning and we will add the stretch to our cleaning schedule.

In the same breath this weekend someone in the area saw fit to dump rubbish in one of our open areas. Matter will be dealt with but I am asking that you please refrain from any dumping of anything in the area. We have been cleaning up CKN to the benefit of all; please also play your part. We all stand to benefit from a neat and clean area.

I patrolled for a large part of Friday night. It was very quiet and I was joined by an additional Dowry car in the area as well.

Open gates remain an ongoing issue. Please ensure your gates are closed once you are in and also when you retire at night.

Then also for the weekend. Lost animals. Those on the animal group will have seen the rescue efforts of the two dogs living along Hendrik Potgieter and the N1. Quite a saga but both dogs are safe and the owners being sought.

I also had a long meeting with Dowry last Thursday and once again we discussed ways and means of doing things differently.

Please don’t forget the request for any old musical instruments.

Lastly, I need the black board next to the guard house moved and replanted. Anyone who can assist?

Think all for now.

Stay safe


9 July 2018

Dear CKN resident

Usually news in CKN goes out via email and Whatsapp but in order to bring everyone in the area up to date, that is members and non-members, here is a hardcopy of news over the last few weeks.

May saw CKN turn 21 years old or is it young? Yes, we have been around a long time and one of the oldest associations that I am aware of, especially in the Honeydew precinct. With the extent of crime that the country continues to experience I trust CKN will be around for another 21 years. Thank you to the many in the area for their ongoing and constant support. CKN is only successful due to you. In the same breath, welcome to our new family members that joined in the last few weeks. We need to continue to grow and that means we can keep our cars and bicycle on the roads, actively patrolling. Armed RESPONSE no longer works.

June did see 4 incidents in the area. Three burglaries and an armed robbery.

Circumstances around these incidents have been circulated. The last time we had in excess of 4 incidents in one month was in May 2016! Whilst any crime incident is one too many, we remain quiet and even the police tell me they are surprised when they attend a complaint in CKN.

The recent sector meeting I attended highlighted the fact that house robberies (invasions) are up, hijackings are up, whilst burglaries, theft of cars and theft out of cars are stable but at high levels. Our sector remains a problematic one.

Over the past few weeks Dowry has noticed an increase in the number of gates standing open. Please ensure your gate is closed after you come home or wait for it to close before riding off. We do our best to contact the home owner but is not always possible. In the same breath, please ensure your contact details that CKN has on record are up to date.
The recent CKN get together was a success despite the cold weather and we have been asked to please look at doing this again. For me the highlight was meeting you and for you to meet one another. A big thank you must go to Gaynor in Acanthus Street who did all the organising. Thank you Gaynor.

Then to Joy and her “team” that have been cleaning up in CKN, also a thank you. Have you as a resident noticed the change along Constantia Drive? Thank you to Johan who has been removing the rubbish that has been collected.

One task I want to tackle in the coming weeks is to mark all our fire hydrants in CKN. Over the last few weeks there have been many house fires and we need to be prepared. I will set a date and I hope I will get help.

Thank you must also go to the many that have been keeping our dedicated drivers supplied with hot drinks at night. It has been cold of late and something hot makes the days and nights more bearable.

Please ensure your subs are up to date, it being a new month. Hard to believe half the year has already passed.

Finally, as this newsletter is a chance to reach out to non-members, please consider joining us. We need you and you also need to know what is going on in CKN. Any questions, please contact me as below.

Stay safe
John / Chairman CKN

5th July 2018

Letter to John from Frik - Please help if you can.

Hi John

I invited Pontsho out of the cold for coffee and something to eat early yesterday morning and he asked me the following: 

"I want to ask you for advice as to how we can get hold of some musical instruments, please. We have started a branch of the United Apostolic Faith Church in a school in Swaneeville but we have a problem in reaching out to the youth and engaging them in our church services. I feel that with musical instruments we will get them to church and use their energy during our services"

John, all I could think of since is perhaps to ask our community if they may have anything in terms of musical instruments to donate to such a worthy cause, even if it needs some repair , one can try to fix or have it fixed.

I dont have any instruments, but offered him some tennis rackets, hockey sticks and cricket balls lying around for the kids to play with.

Please John, could we make an appeal to our community to support Pontsho' s church in this outreach to their youth. I will gladly collect anything, anywhere on his behalf.


8 Bamboes
011679-4935  or 078 2715 795

PS. Pontsho is one of our loyal Dowry guards

21st June 2018

Hi all

I eventually found some time to drop you an email. I’ll cover as much as I can and hope I don’t leave anything out that I wish to share.

Last week saw a burglary in Bamboes Street around 13h00. I was able to trace the vehicle in question thanks to the suspects being seeing by the gardener and the neighbour’s cameras.

The vehicle came into CKN and first drove down Bamboes Street, back up and then along Constantia Drive and then return to Bamboes Street. They were on the street for a few minutes in which time they lifted the gate, broke the door and took a TV.
All the details are with the police.

My take on this it was opportunistic and not planned. Then on Monday two homes were burgled within minutes of each other and it appears it was the same suspects. They were in a white Ford Ranger and wearing blue overalls.  Again, Bamboes Street and then also Worsboom Street at approximately 13h00. The gates were broken or lifted, front doors broken open and again TV’s taken.

Subsequently we have changed the way patrols are done and Dowry have placed an extra two cars in the area.

Open gates are a huge problem in the area. Please ensure you close your gates and do not make yourself a target.

Minutes of the AGM will be on the website shortly and the committee will be meeting to plan the rest of the year.

Thank you to those that braved the wind on Saturday to attend our 21st birthday braai and get together. This was ultimately a fund- raising event and thank you for the monies collected which will go towards security and maintenance of CKN.

Have you noticed how Constantia Drive is coming along? Joy and her team are doing a great job.

Do you need a CKN sticker for your car? Also, I am busy slowly replacing all the CKN membership boards. Yours is coming but if you need one urgently, please let me know.

Replacement is going hand in hand with our audit. Welcome to a host of new members and in the same breath, to break even with our new financial year we need another 20 members. Subs stay at R300 for the year so please try get your neighbour to join and also if you are not paying the full R300, please see if you can increase your contribution just a little.

A more comprehensive newsletter will be with you soon with a lot more info. This mail is just a quick catch up.

Stay safe

8th June 2018

Hi all

Just a quick note to round up the week. All quiet and no real news to speak of in the area.
Crime remains a huge problem so please continue to be aware and do the basic crime prevention.

Have you noticed that CKN is being cleaned? Our clean-up crew are busy along Constantia Drive after having cleaned along Kroton Street. It is making the world of difference to our neighborhood.

Our audit is bearing fruit and thank you to the many that have brought their CKN contribution up to date. It also means I know which homes get new boards. I am busy doing the boards as time allows.

Finally please diarise 16 June for our CKN get together. Gaynor is working very hard and needs your support. Please contact her on 082 578 7001.
Let’s make it a great day for all.

Stay safe

28th May 2018

Hi all

Two things after the weekend. Reminder of the AGM on Tuesday night at 19h00 in Calendula. Please come along.

Then secondly, after the attempted motor vehicle theft in Boomgoom in the early hours of Sunday morning, it was questioned why someone was asking Dowry to watch their house whilst their armed response was with Fidelity – the old ADT.

I wish to comment on the CKN / Dowry relationship and how it works. What CKN has is as I know it amongst the many associations I have been involved in over the many years, a unique one. We as residents pay for the two vehicles and bicycle you see actively moving around the area. Many associations will appoint a service provider and then it is up to the security company to sign up members and when a set number is reached, the association gets a dedicated car. As mentioned, our model is very different in that we as CKN pay for the cars which gives us a greater say in how they operate and also we can hold the company accountable for service delivery.

Also, over the many years of my involvement in crime fighting, I have become a firm believer in pro-active patrolling. Many residents in CKN have bought into this idea and have also seen the benefit of the cars in not only providing escorts, being dispatched to suspicious cars and persons but also reduced response times.

We as a CKN committee have never said who you can or cannot have your alarm linked to.

However if one wants their armed response from Dowry or who-ever CKN appoints as their preferred service provider it would only be fair that they are a CKN member.

We do have residents that are CKN members but have their armed response with another company. This is their personal choice but they do contribute to the running of the CKN response cars.

I often get asked who one should use for armed response? I always say speak to your association and also look what boards are up in an area and who people are linked to.

What is the use if using a company that has one or two boards up? It does not pay them to have a car close by or dedicate a car to an area. Also have a look now again as to what security company you see moving around in the area.

So all paying members have access to the cars, are on the emergency groups or receive our emails.

Cost also becomes a factor for many folk and CKN has never had a take it or leave it attitude when it comes to membership. We have been able to give many the opportunity to have a car to call in need when they cannot afford armed response and we have given them a special CKN membership rate. I still believe in safety first but remember CKN cannot run without financial support.

It is a pity that at times people see fit to abuse the relationship and try and sign with the cars and not CKN. We are presently addressing this and some residents will lose their Dowry response as they have not signed with CKN as they promised.

CKN members also get a discounted armed response rate from Dowry

Dowry have been with CKN for just over three years and we did not just happen on them as our service provider.

I trust the above will clarify things and also serve as a refresher.

Stay safe


24th May 2018

Hi all

Just a quick note.

Tuesday’s incident was opportunistic as footage shows the suspects going from house to house before they broke in. They probably stumbled across the victim and so the burglary became an armed robbery. The suspects were in a white VW Jetta.

Please treat every car standing in the road as suspicious along with any car parked facing the road in a driveway.
Report anything suspicious. These incidents take mere minutes and alarms, dogs, gates, walls and electric fences are no deterrents.

I am busy with the police on the footage.

The domestic watch Whatsapp group has mushroomed after we advised of same. Please see the link on the CKN emergency groups. We need to keep our domestics and gardeners in the know. All WhatsApp groups are for CKN members only.

Think all for now


16th May 2018

Hi all

Things have been quiet in the area since the two overnight burglaries that occurred in a short space of time. Dowry implemented additional crime prevention measures and these will run for some time still.

Whilst we are quiet and the year to date has not been a bad one, especially when I see what goes on around us, we cannot afford to let up with our crime fighting initiatives.
Crime fighting is a long slow marathon. When crime comes down or goes away one does not stop the fight. I see associations start, crime comes down and the things fold. And then you start all over again.

Of course, when crime does occur in a quiet area people become concerned and think the world is falling apart.

This has happened a number of times in CKN when we have one or more incidents in a short space of time.

In my 19 years in being involved in CKN things have never got out of control as we are pro-active in our crime prevention. We have a good partner that is always there for us and goes the extra mile when we have issues,

I chat to all the Dowry role players daily and we have a good understanding of what is required in keeping all in CKN safe.

No one can guarantee our safety and it remains up to us to make the difference.

The reason for this mail and the above is that I received a mail from someone who has rented out their house as they have moved. The tenants have given notice as they feel the crime is too much to bear and also the house that has been turned into accommodation is a concern. The tenants stay in the upper part of Bamboes. I have been asked to address these concerns.

This I have partly done in my opening paragraph. CKN is active and we will do all we can to make the area safe. I see what goes on around us being on numerous emergency and neighbourhood groups.

CKN, we are quiet, we do not have daily incidents.
It is also sad when residents have no consideration for those around and proceed to break the law. The house in question is receiving the attention it deserves. Council, by-law enforcement and the police are buys with the issue. We need to let the law take its course and we have sufficient laws on our side to ensure the correct outcome.

Making CKN safe and a pleasant place to live will take some effort from everyone.

Finally, thanks to the many that spoil of dedicated officers and guard with meals and either hot or cold drinks. It goes a long way to making the day or night a bit more bearable. The shifts are long and I know riding around for hours can be mind numbing.

Stay safe


There were burglaries overnight in Oribi Street which is very close to us. Same on Sunday night. I patrolled a large part of Friday and the intersection around Jim Fouche and Constantia Drive is very busy with foot traffic, even late at night. I am liaising with the two areas north and south of Wilhelmina to see how we can work together and sort out issues in the area.

A resident called for help on the WhatsApp group last night. When you need assistance – two things. Make a phone call if urgent, WhatsApp messages can be delayed. And more importantly advise why you need help. They need to know what they might be facing when they get to the house and also they might pass a car that was involved in a crime and not know it.

Finally, I was asked this morning as to what we should share when it comes to crime? Crime is negative and all the mails and WhatsApp messages can be construed as negative and chase people out of the area or they leave the groups or do not get emails. Please let me know what you would like around CKN communications.

11th May 2018

Hi all

Just a quick mail to end the week.

The last two nights have been quiet with nothing to report.

There are many of you that have asked for a new CKN membership board. All are being redone in conjunction with the audit we have done of CKN. If you need a board urgently, let me know and we’ll do yours even before we get to your street.

Thank you to the many that have brought their subs up to date.

Finally, I have been inundated with residents that either want to help clean the area or assist with a CKN birthday / fun day / fund raising event.

Thank you to all of you. I do not have time to do everything so many folk are getting on and making arrangements. Please also get involved and watch for announcements.

Please do the basic crime prevention at home and report anything suspicious.

To all our mothers. Have a great day on Sunday and I hope you get spoilt rotten.

Stay safe


9th May 2018

Hi all

What has been a very quiet period has now seen two incidents in the last week.

There have been two overnight burglaries at the top end of Bamboes, both at around 02h30. One access was gained by reaching for the key and the second, this morning, a door broken.

TV’s were taken in both instances. So to my mind, the same suspects are back.

We will chase up council with regards the illegal business and I am also busy with Florida police.

I mentioned 19 May as a clean-up. This is now imperative around the Constantia Drive / Jim Fouche intersection. Those living in that area please join us on 19 May so we can clean up the area and make it difficult for any criminal element to operate here. It does appear suspects jumped the walls from Jim Fouche.

To those in Worsboom , Boomgom and Kroton, let us use the same time to clean up along Kroton Street fence.

CKN has a brush cutter. Does someone have a gardener who can spend a day cutting these areas? If you could collect the cutter and do some supervision it will be appreciated.

CKN will pay his salary for the day.

Finally, as I have also written CKN is 21 years young this month and we also need to do some fund raising. We have not done this in ages and also we have not put up our subs for some years now.

Having the guard on the bike is slowly eating away our savings and we also need to clean areas in CKN.

We are having great success in chasing up outstanding subs and we also have a number of new members.

Lorin has offered to run with a birthday raffle and more details are coming. We have some great prizes but we need some more. Can you assist?

But please take tickets when we announce the raffle and lets make a difference in the area.

To the many that always ask what can I do, please see above. I will also announce a date and time soon for some our own patrols that we have not done in ages.

We will put a stop to problems in the area. Two incidents in a week is not on.

Stay safe


6 May 2018

Dear CKN member and resident

CKN turns 21 this month. It’s hard to believe that the association has been around so long and that bears testament to the support from all those in the area. With crime at present levels throughout the country and what seems no end in sight to any improvement in crime levels, it would be hard to imagine the area without a CKN. No one can guarantee a crime free area but with the support of those living here we can make a difference

Our AGM will be held on the 29th of May. Please make every effort to attend. So, my question to you going forward is do you want a CKN which means a safer and cleaner neighbourhood?

Crime remains real and does appear to be getting more violent in that guns are being used more and more and also the elderly seem to becoming more of a target.

After posting on the emergency CKN groups today about burglaries in the sector, I was asked what more can we as a community to do to make the area safer? I will address this in a separate mail but rest assured we will do all we can to make the area safer for all that live here, including those that are not CKN members.

In the same breath, if you are not a CKN member how about joining us? To remain sustainable, we need to keep growing and we need you!

CKN pays for the two Dowry car and bicycle you see in the area. These resources do come at a cost. Please help us keep them on the road. I am a firm believer in visible policing and also these cars are heavily relied on when I see what they called to do.

I am busy with a CKN 21-year birthday newsletter. Do you have something to add, even if just a few lines? Many of you must have some or other story to tell about the area you live in?

19 May is the monthly clean up in the city. Let us also get involved this month. More details shortly but let’s get our hands dirty for an hour in CKN. We’ll make it for 14h.

Finally, we need to so some fund raising in CKN. We have some sponsors of some wonderful prizes and we could do with some more. So, do you have something you can offer CKN as a business and then also, can some take on this as part of our 21st birthday?

Please let us not lose sight of the fact that CKN is here to fight crime. Crime remains a real problem and what I see daily is really quite scary. This will remain our key focus. At the time of writing I was made aware of an incident in Bamboes again, this next to the house we are busy with that has been turned into accommodation. I will report back on this once I have seen the residents.

Please keep in touch and stay safe.


PS I started with the new boards yesterday, so yes, yours is coming.

4th May 2018

Hi all

Time has got away from me today so a longer email next week. 

Just two things quickly.

Notice hereby given of the CKN AGM to be held at the Tea Room at Kleine Constantia, Calendula Street on 29 May at 19h00.

Please make a note and please make every effort to attend.


Then CKN is 21 years young this month!

Stay safe


28th April 2018

Hi all

I attended the sector meeting last night with police. 
Crime in the sector is up,
HOUSE ROBBERIES are a huge concern especially along the main routes in the area like Albert Street.  
There have been a number below Hillfox and that is too close to us.
Burglaries are down but theft of cars and theft out of cars is up. This occurs largely at shopping centres.
Hijackings are up.
Home invasions occur largely Tuesday to Thursday between 09h00 and 13h00.
But a new trend is developing where home invasions are moving to the weekend. 

We have been quiet for some time now. It is nice not to be mentioned in a meeting as being a hot spot. Is that not what we want? All the more reason to keep our cars and bicycle in CKN! 

Stay safe.

25th April 2018

Hi all

As I write to you there has been an armed robbery in Weltevredenpark where people were tied up. Not good!

As it goes we are quiet, and so little to report on.

Welcome to a lot of new folk in the area. Only by growing our numbers can we remain sustainable and quiet.

Thank you to Joslyn and Gaynor that have assisted with the problem house in Bamboes Street. Joslyn for liaising with council and Gaynor for the petition. Things are moving and feed-back soon.

We will then tackle other homes standing empty in CKN.

Away for the long weekend, please let me know.

Also month end, please don’t forget your CKN contribution.

Finally, I am busy with a newsletter to celebrate CKN’s 21st birthday next month. If you are running a business please consider “buying” an advert so we can make it a good newsletter we can print in color.

Think all for now
Stay safe

13th April 2018

Hi all

Seems it’s been awhile since a went you a mail, but touch wood, there has been little to report on in CKN.

Whilst we are quiet, some areas remain a big problem. Hijackings, home invasions and burglaries remain hugely problematic. At all times do the basic crime prevention, test your alarm and make sure its set at all times.

Have you signed the petition around the problematic house in Bamboes Street? Link is on our website.

I have the new CKN boards and we will start slowly replacing all the boards. Also, do you need CKN stickers to identify your car as belonging in CKN? I will drop off whilst doing the boards.

Finally, the committee sat last night and audited our database with regard to identifying who must get a board and also where subs are behind.

If you are two months or more in areas you will be receiving a reminder.

We did note we get ad-hoc payments and some are paying far less than what we ask. If you are financially squeezed, please let us know. We will understand but we need to be in a position to budget.

If everyone paid on time we would not have a problem but keeping the bicycle guard is starting to eat into our savings.

CKN cannot function without your financial support.

If we want the area to be quiet we need to keep our cars and bike in the area moving around and many folk rely heavily on these dedicated officers.

We will be chasing new members. If your neighbor is not a member, please approach them. You are our best salesperson.

Garden service required to do some work in CKN, please contact the chairman if you have any suggestions.

We will also organize some fundraising in the weeks ahead.

We have not raised the CKN subs this year but we need your regular and ongoing support.

Think that’s all for now.

Stay safe.


PS all the potholes in the area have been reported. We now await JRA.