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Constantia Kloof North Residents Against Crime was formed in May 1997 in an effort to fight crime in the area.
It consists of residents who volunteer their time to help combat crime and keep the area safe for all residents.

CKNRAC wants to create an environment where residents and neighbours know each other, look out for each other and eliminate crime.

The Association co-operates with the Honeydew police, and is a non-profit organisation.

Are you a “potential member” or are you a “member”?

Please folks, join up and become PROACTIVE!
Your membership will help finance the Administration of the Association, and support the Community Policing Forum.
The more members we have the more we are able to do for our community.

Have you got your board yet?
If so, is it up?

Your membership is also needed as we need help with the many functions of CKN. A limited number of folk are running with many tasks and their time is limited. Let’s share the load.

You have relied on CKN; can we rely on you ? Please get involved in the area. We all benefit. Remember members of CKN receive no payment for the work they do.


R350 per month. This includes the amount which CKNRAC pays towards the DOWRY Security Patrol car.

A R50 joining fee with your first month's membership will cover your membership board and car stickers.

Any member who feels this is too high can contact John Baisley to discuss it with him. The committee can accommodate  people who are unable to pay the full amount.

There is an online Membership application form which you can fill in and send.

Click here to download the Constitution



If you have an email address please let me have it.
I send out regular updates of what is going in CKN.
As simple as it sounds, one of these advices may just save a life.

The mailing list is kept confidential and you will not receive junk mail. 

If you are not receiving at least one email from me weekly,
you are not on the mailing list.

Send an email to if you want to be on the mailing list.

This service is for members only.


We have three types of WhatsApp groups for members.

EMERGENCY groups are for security issues such as suspicious vehicles, open gates, reporting crimes. The Dowry cars belong to this group and will respond to emergency issues. They might miss something important if these groups are filled with other issues so please try to use this group for security and emergency issues only.
There are 4 identical groups to cope with the numbers of residents.

The COMMUNITY group is for community support, for example getting help for a problem, asking for referrals to find a gardener or gate repair company. You can post information that might be helpful to your neighbours. It is also possible to advertise household goods for sale like baby goods or a bicycle. Lost or found animals can also be posted here. 
NB John is not on this group.

The WARD 89 group is for ALL city council matters. Water, electricity, refuse removal etc. Cynthia is our representative on the Ward Committee and works under our Councillor, Amelia Bester and deals with these matters.

Please contact me if you wish to be added to a group. I will need your full name, address and the group or groups you wish to be added to.

Please keep racial, political and religious comments off the groups. People who abuse this request will be removed.


The running of the 24-hour patrol is presently taking most of the funds collected on a monthly basis. This is however a good cause as can be seen from the monthly crime statistics. Please support this endeavour as the more cash we collect each month, the more we can contribute to the area.

Please check that you are contributing on a regular basis as irregular payments make it difficult to budget. Please pay to CKN by electronic transfer, or we will collect a cheque from you if need be.

Please use your street address when paying by EFT . Many payments received are not being allocated correctly because no reference number is quoted. Financial Statements are available on request.

Our Treasurer is Johan Potgieter Tel: 079 306 7203    
or alternatively Surine Fourie, E-mail:

Please give your name and street address as reference when paying by direct deposit.


  • Cash / cheque to your street helper

  • Contact a committee member to collect

  • Direct deposit into the bank account


Branch Clearwater
Account No 730 172 885 
Name CKNRAC (Constantia Kloof North – Residents Against Crime)
Amount R 350 per month (or whatever you can afford)
Reference Your surname, street name and number

Please help us to keep your details up to date by sending changes of email address or phone numbers to the chairman.. We will remove CKN boards of non-paying members and put up boards where needed etc.


Committee activities
Attend Monthly CPF meetings
Attend monthly committee meetings
Compile and distribute Newsletter
Co-ordinate projects
Control finances
WhatsApp and BBM groups for emergency notifications.

Community projects
Adopt a neighbour
Know your street helper
Information on notice boards at entrances to suburb
Developing and cleaning parks
Numbering of houses and street names
Cleaning the area
Speed control measures
Fence off certain problem areas.

Domestic Watch
Educate the people who work for you
Create a network of domestics who can help to combat crime in the area

Resident Patrols
Patrol the area in their own vehicles, ie. proactive patrolling
Identify and report suspect individuals and vehicles
Create visibility.

Supporting Honeydew SAPS
Monthly contribution to SAPS
Funding of OPS Room
Long term goal is to fund a dedicated vehicle for police reservists
Joining police reservists

Membership package
Membership board for your house
Stickers to identify vehicles belonging in the area
Your family details on a secure database in case of emergency.

Contact the Chairman for further information
John Baisley 011 679-5063


The Honeydew precinct serves 100 000 households, with one police officer for 3000 people.
The Police cannot protect everyone due to a lack of manpower and finance.
The Honeydew CPF is the link between Honeydew SAPS and the Residents' Associations.
By maintaining this close relationship, the police are able to use the community to help them in their crime prevention work.


Many folk ask this question.  

The CPF or Community Police Forum, is a body established to represent all the Resident Associations falling within the Honeydew Precinct, of which there are over 40. A major objective of community policing is to establish an active partnership between the Police and the community through which crime, service delivery and Police–community relations can jointly be analyzed and appropriate solutions be designed and implemented.

Every month there is a combined CPF/Police meeting at the Printing Training College in Honeydew where various issues are discussed, typically:

Chairman’s report – here the Chairman of the CPF explains how the CPF spent your money for the month which could be anything from new Police vehicles to curtains for the Station Commander’s Office.

Station Commander’s report - includes things such as:

  • Comments on Crime Prevention

  • Crime Statistics.

  • Report on detectives and arrests

  • Report back on Police Reservists

Councillors – here the various Councillors representing the Wards covered by the RA’s talk about issues of the day e.g. the ongoing power blackouts, rate hikes, townhouse development etc.

Metro Traffic – What’s happening on our roads, manpower shortages etc.

General – any new issues

The meeting will split off into the various Sector Meetings – This is where the different RA’s get to discuss crime issues with the Inspector responsible for their area .Typically, two representatives from each RA attend these meetings but anyone is welcome to attend and raise concerns directly with the people responsible. Obviously the more money the CPF has in its coffers, the more that can be achieved in helping the Police fight crime. Some RA’s charge the residents on a monthly basis and they are able to afford things like a 24hr Patrol Car manned by Police Reservists (Welridge RA, Constantia Kloof North RA) which is exclusively for those residents.    CKN ask residents for R300 per month, which INCLUDES a contribution to the CPF which pays for the following:

Staffing the CPF - Staffing the OPS Room (Honeydew Police Station Ops Room is manned 24 hours per day, 7  days a week, by trained personnel, (paid for by your contributions)

Staffing the Trauma Centre - which is at the Honeydew Police Station