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Replacement of stolen or damaged dustbins

12 March 2019

If your bin has been damaged or stolen, you can now apply for a replacement bin.

Pikitup, the waste management company of the City of Johannesburg, has stockpiled a significant number of bins, but you must follow the process outlined below to have your bin replaced:

1. What to do if your bin has been stolen

Report your bin as stolen at a police station nearest to your place of residence, obtain a case number and have your municipal account ready before calling the City’s Call Centre to make an application for bin replacement. This process applies to both domestic and business customers.

2. What to do if your bin is damaged

Report the damaged bin through the City’s Call Centre number and also be in possession of your account number when applying for your bin to be replaced

3. What to do when requesting for an additional bin

Call the City’s Call Centre number and have your account number ready. You will be issued with a reference number which will be used to issue an additional bin. However in such instances, you will be required to pay for the cost of the additional bins.

The reference number will then be referred to a Pikitup official who will attend to your request. On delivery of the bin, you must sign the bin delivery document as proof that you have received the bin.

Take note that no bin request will be processed without a reference number.

The process to apply for a new bin is in line with Pikitup’s bin management policy. In terms of the policy, Pikitup will only replace a damaged bin at no cost to the customer, but lost or stolen bins will only be replaced for free once in a bin’s useful life. The current useful life span of a bin is eight (8) years.

In relation to sectional title properties, Pikitup will provide bins equal to the lower number of units in the complex or bins equal to the space available to store bins in such properties. You may only apply for a bin if you are a property owner or a managing agent of such a property.

If you are a tenant wishing to apply for a bin, you must first submit a letter of authority from the owner or the managing agent of the property for your application to be processed.

You must immediately place your bin inside your property after it has been emptied to prevent criminals from stealing it.

To have your bin replaced, call the City of Johannesburg Call Centre number: 011 375 5555 or 086 0562874 and press option 4 for Pikitup.

For a small fee, once you have a reference number,
one of our residents will collect your damaged bin from your house and get your replacement bin .
He is also willing to add your house number if you so wish.

Contact Hendrik 0724327229

Barnswallows Baby Shelter at 839 Acanthus Street have a number of new books, both adults and children's, which they have had donated and wish to sell at good prices. 

If you are interested please phone Rene Testa and arrange a time to go and look at them.

Her number is 082 851 9386.

Halloween 2018 Photos

Honeydew SAPS Sector 2 Newsletter February 2019


17th February 2019

Good Day John,

21 years is indeed a long time, and with your perseverance, commitment and dedication it is what it is today.

I have been in CKN 11 years now, and I feel obligated to write this mail, and I hope you publish it.

Our area is one of the safest areas in Gauteng, and you have done a lot to get this status. I remember when I was still working in JHB, (working permanently in Africa now) I used to fill your slots with vehicle patrols, as it was important for me to contribute towards safety. Sadly, many folks feel that they have paid their monthly dues and that is where it ends. One can not put a price on safety, and as you have mentioned, the monthly contributions has been kept at minimum. How you managed that I don't know, as fuel alone has sky rocketed.

The climate we live in has a detrimental effect on everyone, and everyone is a target. As you have rightly mentioned, crime has become so violent that it is beyond imaginable understanding what these people do to victims. Just this past Friday a house was attacked, robbed and all occupants were tied up. The terrorists then raped the eldest daughter in full view of the family. How does one live with that, how does one continue with live, can one ever get over such a barbaric act?

What we all can do is to get involved. Every single person should adopt a Zero Harm attitude. At work we successfully adopted a zero harm attitude towards safety, why can't we all do that at home? Safety/security after all, starts at home. Let us stop being negligent by leaving our gates open, let us stop being negligent by leaving valuables in cars parked on the side of the road, let us all stop being negligent by not patrolling the very same area we live in, let us all stop being negligent by inviting terrorists into our area by giving them opportunities to attack.

Safety/security is YOUR responsibility to yours and your families lives, then you have have a responsibility towards your neighbours safety/security. If you feel your neighbour is not doing his part, report it to John, who can visit them and make suggestions. I can not believe that in this day and age we live in, that we can still be ignorant towards safety/security and in being so ignorant, endangering not only your own and that of your families life's, but the people around you as well.

R350.00 is not to much asked, and I will even go as far as saying that you should increase it to that, without asking. I want to sleep peacefully at night, I want to arrive to a safe suburb at night, I want to wake up the next morning with my loved ones, and not have my and my families lifes shattered because of R50.00.

Best Regards.
Coenie Meyer


17th February 2019

Hi John

I am happy for subs to be increased to R350-00 per month. Security is my greatest concern, so I will gladly pay a higher price to help keep my family, and all our neighbours, as safe as possible. If need be, I can contribute another R50-00 for a family that cannot afford it, so I am happy to pay R400-00 per month if necessary.

Please let us know the CKN decision before month end.

Thank you.


17th February 2019

Dear John, 

Thank you for your email updates. We have been members for a couple of months and we can honestly state that we are impressed with the work done by CKN and Dowry. 

We as residence try maintain our own precautions and security, however with the increase in crime and the recent shooting in our own street, we feel that the work done by Dowry is imperative to keep our area safe. Therefore to maintain the present services of the dedicated staff we agree to the increase, albeit a very tight financial restraint. 

Thank you for your commitment and continued community work it is appreciated. 

Best regards


17th February 2019

Hi John

The shooting yesterday is regrettable and I trust that the guys got the necessary support and care. Thanks for your leadership in this. 

I appreciate your sensitivity on the fees but feel that an increase is the way to go. R350 per month is not a lot to ask when it comes to your safety and keeping Dowry in point and active in CKN is a must do. So my support to you in this is 100%. 

I need to find my own way of becoming more active in CKN and will work towards finding my rhythm in that regard. The odd patrol and  observation is not enough. 


Domestic Worker requiring work

I have a very good, reliable and honest domestic worker lady who is looking for additional work on a Wednesday and a Friday - so if anyone in CKN is looking for someone I can recommend her. She has worked for me and my sister for some years now.

Flatlet or bed-sit required

Hi everyone.
I'm looking for a small flatlet/studio one bedroom place to rent for our
home helper and her dog. Occupation from 1 September.
Unfortunately they have to move out at the end of this month due to the property being sold (house in CKN).
If anyone in CKN has anything for Happiness and Cleo (her dog) please please contact me directly. They are both lovely members of our family. We cannot let them go back into an informal settlement situation, its not safe.
from Lorin  0825234095

Dear CKN,
Please take a few minutes to read  below about Identipet microchip for our companion animals. They offer a number of  services that you may not even be aware of. 
I cannot stress the importance and value of micro chipping enough!

While there are a number of microchip companies in South Africa Identipet remains my personal number choice for various reasons. They are an established company with a strong database that is kept up to date and grown by a team of staff. They also do a lot of outreach programmes and sponsor SPCA's and vets with their scanners. Have a browse through their website for more info (link further below)

As a subscriber I found this to be a good communication,  worth sharing with you fellow CKN community.
P.S. If you are looking to chip your dog or cat, Radiokop Animal Clinic offers Identipet micro chipping at a very reasonable rate - R225 current rate at June 2018. Note: This excludes the Identipet subscription fee (monthly or lifetime offers) which is detailed in their website.

Your friend in furry matters, 

Since August 2016, we have been working hard to revise, review and revitalise every part of our offering to you. This includes new branding, packaging and systems to complement our top quality microchips and scanners for all types of animals. We hope that you will agree that we are offering more value for you and your pets than ever before

The New Identipet App is available in the App Store and Google Play Store.  

  • Register your pet on the Identipet National Animal Database by scanning the microchip packaging and completing your information.
  • Keep all microchip & vaccination information on your device.
  • Build a gallery of the cutest photos of your pets.
  • Request a legal certificate of ownership for your pet, which will be delivered by email.
  • Send out an SOS via the app to our Pet Rescuer Network in your area (4 000 current members and growing which includes individuals, home owners associations, online communities, vets, welfare organisations) Why not sign up yourself today?
  • Receive an automated SMS via Rapid Alert™ to all listed mobile numbers when your lost pet is scanned at a registered scan facility (eg. Vet, welfare or residential estate)
  • Mark your pet as deceased when that inevitable, sad day arrives
  • Locate emergency vets in your area, and initiate maps and directions from the app.
  • Seamlessly and safely transfer ownership of a pet.
  • Easily edit your personal details when they change (don’t worry, we will remind you to do it)
  • Find answers in the FAQ section of how to do all of the above.
  • Send bug and error messages straight to our tech team

Please watch an explainer video of how the Identipet system works.
As always, it is our mission to promote responsible pet ownership and keep your pets safe and sound!

Should you have any queries please contact us on 011 957 3455/6 or 

Team Identipet

Latest news on water restrictions in Gauteng

*City only partially lifts water restrictions in effort to promote a culture of water conservation*

14 March 2017

City of Johannesburg Press Statement by Cllr Nico de Jager
MMC: Environment and Infrastructure Services Department

The City of Joburg welcomes the decision by the Department of Water and Sanitation to lift water supply restrictions in Gauteng municipalities. As per the Government Gazette Notice No. 910 of 13 March 2017, the Director-General of the Department of Water and Sanitation withdrew the water restrictions within the Integrated Vaal River System.

However, South Africa remains a water scarce country and the City of Joburg remains a net importer of water. We urge all water users to maintain vigilance in conserving this scarce resource.

The risk of demand outstripping supply in the intervening period between now and the commissioning of Phase II of the Lesotho Highlands Project (2025) remains a real threat. According to the 2009 Phase II feasibility report, the full yield is expected to be utilised by approximately 2030.

Therefore the City will, in an effort to maintain a culture of water conservation, only partially lift Level-2 water restrictions according to section 44 (3) of the Water Services By-law:

  • On an annual basis, between 06:00 - 18:00 during 1 September and 31 March; and between 08:00 - 16h00 during 1 April and 31 August, all consumers are prohibited from watering and irrigating their gardens; and

  • All consumers are prohibited from using a hose-pipe to clean paved areas and driveways with municipal water.

The implementation of by-law enforcement is crucial for Joburg to be a City that works. The JMPD has issued a total of 665 fines to consumers who contravened the Water Services By-law and consumers are urged to report non-compliance by phoning the JMPD 24/7 hotline on 011 758 9650.

I have been assured that Joburg Water will continue to remain in contact with stakeholders to educate them about water conservation, to disseminate information and respond to feedback.

We must change the manner in which all of us engage with water. The current water footprint for the City of Joburg is 309 liters per capita per day (l/c/d), compared to the national and world averages of 274 liters and 175 liters respectively. At the height of the restrictions, the demand reduced to 289 liters per capita per day.

Water saving must become part of our lifestyle. The water conservation measures implemented as a result of the restrictions must become the norm.  Residents are urged to keep on using grey water for watering gardens and flushing toilets; to report leaks and bursts and install water saving devices.

The success of our interventions depend on all of us working together to ensure that our taps do not dry up in future.

Media enquiries:
Cllr Nico de Jager
MMC: Environment and Infrastructure Services Department
083 899 2127

News article in Cape Times –
perhaps in the interest of CKN members to take notice.

R10 000 fine for failing to renew gun licence

20 February 2017
NA Reporter (Cape Times/

A man who failed to renew his firearm licence in time, and was thus in illegal possession of an unlicensed firearm for some six months, was fined R10 000 or two years in prison on Monday.

Derick Johnson appeared in the Parow Regional Court before magistrate Constance Nziweni.

The magistrate agreed with prosecutor Barry van der Berg that the case did not justify a jail sentence without the option of a fine as this was more of a technical offence.

Johnson told the court the licence had expired in June last year and that he was in fact in the process of renewing it when he was arrested on December 29 last year.

He told the court: “I was still in the process of getting the licence sorted out.”

The prosecutor added that he would have called for a prison sentence without a fine had Johnson in fact been in possession of the unlicenced firearm for illegal purposes.

Blending justice with mercy, the magistrate suspended half the fine for five years and allowed Johnson to pay the remaining R5 000 in two instalments – R2 000 immediately and the remaining R3 000 at the end of April.

However, to bring the gravity of the offence home to him, she warned Johnson he would be in serious trouble if he failed to pay the R5 000, or even part of it, by the end of April.

She warned him: “If you fail to pay, you will be rearrested and brought before this court again, and I will send you to prison.”

She said the court did not know why he had failed to renew the licence on time – whether it was due to laziness or ignorance.

Nziweni said it was crucial for the criminal justice system that the requirements for the renewal of firearm licences be complied with to the letter.

She said justice required the courts to temper punishment with a measure of mercy, as she had done by suspending half of Johnson’s fine and prison sentence, but that she would be failing in her duty if the court did not send out an appropriate message to communities.

The message was that offenders caught in illegal possession of unlicensed firearms, for criminal purposes, could expect heavy jail sentences, she added.

African News Agency

Contact Johan Potgieter,
Cell: 079 306 7203,

See more on FaceBook


Read here about the safe disposal of all electronic or electrical waste


We have several WhatsApp groups which are used to disseminate urgent and important information.

If you are a member and would like to be added to one of these please contact John with your cell phone number for WhatsApp.

Read here for more information about WhatsApp.


New information about accounts and meter readings.




An interesting article on the value of a well cared for neighbourhood

It affects us all and helps keep house prices up.


The Ronnie Bag..........

I don't think that one needs to expound the virtues of recycling as a means of saving natural resources and the energy saved in the initial manufacturing process.

The recycling bug has yet to hit us here in South Africa as it has in say, Western Europe, where it has become an instinctive reaction. All household refuse is sorted into 3 or 4 types and bagged for collection by the local authority etc.

The Ronnie bag is a starting point for this habit to gain momentum in our society. The number of bags (or rather the lack of) placed for collection in our suburb indicates that we have a long way to go. Please help us to stop this waste of resources and energy by participating in this project.

Collections are done every week on a Friday and every house was given a bag at the start of this project. If you are bagless then I am sure that if you leave your collection in a box or other receptacle, a bag will be left by the collection agency. Lets get into the recycling habit!

Put your bag out on the pavement before 8am.


The following services have been recommended by members of CKN. If you use any of them, please let me know how you have found their service to be, so that we can remove the names of any who are found not to be satisfactory.  Please e-mail the Webmaster



Contact details

Doctor (his name) Vukeya 083 415 0354.
Mzi ( highly recommended, does everything except electrical work) 083 485 4408



Contact details

Joel 073 342 7926
078 571 0997
Bongita 084 784 5471
Eric 072 248 4378



Contact details

Sampson Dube. 082 623 9328
Sylvester 073 163 1412
Clifford 076 666 4869
William 082 538 7929

Skip hire


Contact details

TossnTip - Benoit 079 610 2312

Tree Fellers


Contact details

Brands Tree Fellers 0861 708 000
Tree Felling (Sarah) 083 444 6337
Shepard Garden Service 0727829125
Luckson 072 771 1990

Roofers and Construction Companies


Contact details

Johrube Construction (Ruben -builder) 082 949 7584
Werner Enslin 083 770 1660
Universal Roofing 011 708 7474
ACS (Christo) 011 679 1391
Spencer Roofing (Terry Spencer) 083 443 3312

Carpet flood cleaners


Contact details

Dry Force 0860 800 800

General Handymen


Contact details

Recommended by

Dominic 082 837 3261 Hannes Buckle  082 389 2378
Johan Dysel 084 860 4425 Jenny Bothma

Garden Services


Contact details

Kaimag’s Garden Services Mr Kaiser
072 195 3536
Garden Wizzard Reinhardt  



Contact details

Bradley Davis 071 898 0860

Other Services


Name and address

Therapeutic Reflexologist Pat Bosman
44 Okkerneut Street
Constantia Kloof North
Tel: 011-679-2052
Cell: 082 318 7288
Glam Cakes Leonie

Carpet Cleaners Aroma Carpet Cleaning
Tel: 011 475 4361
Cell: 076 665 2191
Pool Service Honeydew Pools
Tel : 011 794 1094
Cell: 082 452 2814 is your community website for the area and surrounds.

You can register on the website and get a free “blog” so you can write what you want about anything you want. You can also post comments about stories, blogs, pictures - almost everything on the site - without having to constantly fill in your details! You can also choose to receive our email newsletter!


Teddy bears are given to children who have been traumatised in some way or another. If you would like to help, kindly contact Insp. Karen Jacobs on 083-754-5340 or phone the Honeydew Police Station on 011 801-8400